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Film Review: El Norte

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Film Review: "El Norte"The film "El Norte" directed by Gregory Nava in 1983 depicts the turmoil and struggle faced by those who fled to the United States to escape execution by the Guatemalan army. Nava centers the film around a brother and sister pair named Enrique and Rosa who are trying to make it to the United States from Central America. The film is divided into three parts. The first part titled "Arturo" introduces the characters and sets the story up as to why Rosa and Enrique must flee to the United States which was to escape execution by the Guatemalan army for their father's role in organizing a revolt against the government. The second part of the film is titled "Coyote" and shows ...view middle of the document...

Rosa dreams that she sees her mother (who is dead) cooking in her apartment. Rosa's mother tells her that life in the United States is very hard, much more so than in their village. The reason that life is so hard is that everything is so expensive. It may be true that you make more money in the United States but you also have a lot more expenses too. Also the fact that Rosa and Enrique are illegal immigrants makes life very stressful because you always have to be on the look out for the immigration police.In addition to the hardships of merely surviving in the United States there are many difficulties in adapting to the culture and customs of the United States. Nava points out the difficulty in cultural adaptation in the United States again through Rosa's character. When Rosa gets a job as a house cleaner she has to learn how to do the laundry with a washer and dryer. Rosa had never used a washer and dryer before and probably had never used any type of machine before either. Rosa has difficulty in adjusting to using a machine to do something she once did by hand and ends up doing all the laundry by hand because that is what she was most comfortable with. Also in struggling to adapt to the culture of the United States Rosa and Enrique had to learn how to speak English. However, Rosa and Enrique are fortunate in that they are able to take free classes from the...

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