Film Review: Jane Eyre

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Film Review: Jane Eyre

Review by: L. E. J.
Target audience: 16+
Medium: Magazine
Starring: Ruth Wilson, Toby Stephens, Lorraine Ashbourne.
Run time: 202 min

1 Introduction
Inspired by the 1847 novel written by Charlotte Bronte, director Susanna White created this interesting adaptation in the form of a four-episode miniseries simply called “Jane Eyre”, released in 2006, starring actors Ruth Wilson, Toby Stephens and Lorraine Ashbourne.

2 The story
The story of Jane Eyre is one of hardship, jealousy and contempt, but also one of love, forgiveness, happiness and much, much more. Throughout the roughly three-and-a-half-hour plot we witness a woman’s journey from being an unwanted ...view middle of the document...

Has Jane found her true love?

3 Technical
From the very beginning of the movie I felt bad for Jane as she was being treated like a bad dog. But I know from experience that good things can come from bad things, and that was my prediction with regards to Jane’s life as well.

Although many of the scenes were memorable, a few of them did stick out. One was the scene where Jane saves Rochester’s life after his bed was put on fire while he slept in it. This happened a while into their relationship, and I could feel the energy build up and their blood rushing as they intimately felt each others’ breaths and almost – almost – kissed. The element to highlight here is the way the actors managed to produce such a realistic romantic tension. Few other similar scenes performed by other actors that I have seen have achieved the same.

Another brilliant scene is the one (spoiler alert) after Jane discovers that the love of her life has become blind. Edward sits in his chair yelling for his servant, but instead of a servant, Jane walks in. She says not a word, but Edward almost immediately realizes who is standing before him as he feels her hand touch his face. “It is you, isn’t it?” he says. And it was. Had I been a female, I would probably have been crying at this point in the movie. It was touching.

The technical team has done a great job creating a realistic feel to the movie, and in creating the right moods at the right time. The music and audio in general is suitable, but somewhat poor in the sense that most of the effects in the movie are visual. This is not really a problem, though, but rather an observation (unless you have reduced eye sight, of course). The clothing looks appropriate for the time period, and it is evident that the costume team has paid great attention to detail here. I observed that the scenes were often quite dark, which...

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