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Film Review: Lorenzo's Oil

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The movie, Lorenzo’s Oil, brought attention to a rare degenerative disorder called Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). This disease is an inherited recessive disorder linked to the X chromosome.
In the movie, a young, bright boy, is diagnosed with the horrible disease ALD.
Some of the symptoms he experienced were seizures, loss of muscle tone, contractor deformities, swallowing difficulties and brain tissue damage. he actually had to be careful he did not swallow his own saliva because even this could be fatal.
At first, the Odone’s tried to modify his diet to lower the fatty acids in his blood levels. They only fed him things low in fat or no fat at all. This however proved unsuccessful. The disorder leaves the body unable to breakdown fat molecules, either ones the body ...view middle of the document...

The Odone’s wanted to figure out this disease as fast as possible and were desperate to try anything to cure their son. There are several forms ALD can take and Lorenzo had the most devastating type. It is a childhood cerebral form, meaning that the nerves in the brain are destroyed. In about 40% of these cases most of the boys are totally disabled between 6 months and 2 years. That is why the Odone’s did not want to waste any time.
Unfortunately, there is no complete cure for cerebral ALD. Still to this day one method is still being used to help manage the affects of the disorder. Mr. Odone came up with the concept of the kitchen sink. This kitchen sink concept consisted of a sink basin, the tap, and the plug hole. He based this hypothesis on biosynthesis with biosynthesis enzymes eliminate excess fat. But in Lorenzo this enzyme this enzyme is defective from genetics. His plug hole is blocked. In long chain saturated fats they are made up of carbon atoms. C24 and C26 all the way up the chain. But in Lorenzo the saturated C24 and C26 rise to 4 times the normal level. There was the paradox, why when they reduced the dietary intake of saturated fats in Lorenzo’s diet the level in his sink goes up rather than down. Based on this understanding Mr. Odone developed Lorenzo’s Oil. Lorenzo’s Oil is a combination of olive oil and rapeseed oil (forms of Oleic and erucic acid). The mixture of fatty acids purportedly reduces the levels of very long chain fatty acids which are high in ALD. Lorenzo’s oil in combination with a diet low in very long chain fatty acids has been used with some success before disease symptoms appear.
The Odones were able to manage Lorenzo’s symptoms for a very long time. Lorenzo did not pass until May 30, 2008. One day after his 30th birthday. This is longer than most young boys live with ALD.

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