Film Vs Digital Essay

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Technology has grown to heights only impaired by our imagination, advancing within itself to become what we choose of it. In this new age, we find ourselves with many options on what to use. A camera is no different, providing many choices. There are film cameras that are one time use disposable, and thousand dollar digital cameras designed to shutter in multiple frames. The story of the camera is a new one in comparison to the wheel, but it has the capability of becoming better. Though even the wheel has merged with technology, it remains fixed in its use.

Unlike many other technologies that improve with advancement and renders the previous models obsolete, the camera still offers it old ...view middle of the document...

As we enter into the digital phase, the possibilities become endless. With digital, you can harness the speed of a shutter while storing mass archives of pictures. Many ‘amateur’ digital cameras have the option of video to them, which makes them very attractive for snapping quick pauses in life. High priced digital cameras have hybrid parts from the original film camera design, making the old even better and more efficient. It depends on the artist how you take your images, boiling down to how you view your image pixel quality. Many professional photographers have switched to digital hybrid, along with the average shutter bug to simple digital; for convenience.

It is not the medium in which we take our pictures; it is the size of perspective in which we allow. The real reason for pictures is to capture a moment, and both mediums do this well. Those who truly know the art of taking film shots know that “120” is a different look than “8x20”, giving the end result a different impact. This adds a personal connection, allowing the artist to choose what angles look better. With digital, you can zoom and crop in the menu of the stored pictures. The best thing about digital is the amount of times we can take picture in multiple ways, all awhile not worrying about wasting film. It is the artist who...

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