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I've seen many approaches to the final paper over the years. I'll try and provide some general guidance, but many of you know by now that risks are likely to be rewarded.

I'd like you to use information from this course, either a single concept or multiple theories, to support your paper on leadership. Some people have written about themselves, some have written about great leaders in history, some have written about needed leadership traits to address specific homeland security threats and others have decided to do something very different.

Remember to reference your paper and I believe a paper's organization is an important part of how you tell your story. Much like previous papers, ...view middle of the document...

The process assessment utilizes a recommended portfolio document structure.
1. Gather—the gathering of course and outside leadership materials and resources.
2. Research—narrowing the focus of academic and anecdotal leadership topics to professional homeland security or public safety leadership topics.
3. Organize—establish an information-handling process in order to coordinate resources, sources, and gathered data. Monitor for policy topic research completeness through use of an information-handling and organization process.
4. Analyze and evaluate—compare, contrast, and judge resource material to develop cogent documentation.
5. Assess—assimilate personal leadership history report results with cogent documentation, demonstrating the nexus between personal leadership history and data with academic and anecdotal resources. This step may also include assessing past leadership opportunities for lessons learned.
6. Apply—based on steps 1-5, determine personal leadership styles and traits and how the determination can be applied in a professional...

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