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Final Essay

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Part 1: Essay Questions
Essay 1

Final Exam: Essay #1
Andrea Swink
Dorothy Sellers
July 21, 2014

The research question for this experiment was which vaccine is more effective for preventing getting the flu? The null hypothesis was shot spray is equal effective than nasal spray the alternative hypothesis was shot id more effective than nasal spray. After looking through the experiment, the results of this test seemed was statistically significant. The results were significant because the level of significance was set at .05. The researcher’s option to reject or fail to reject the null hypotheses resulted in rejecting the null hypothesis. ...view middle of the document...

In order to conduct a follow up study to this one is by comparing paired test. This would be reliable because these are independent samples. Practical significance is whether the differences are large enough to be out of value in practical sense. Statistical significance is the unlikelihood’s that mean is different observed in the sample have occurred due to sample error (2012).

(2012).StatisticalVersusPracticalSignificance.UniversityofGuelphNumeracyProject.Retrieved from

Essay 2

Final Exam: Essay #2
Andrea Swink
Dorothy Sellers
July 21, 2014

In this study, relationship between Intelligence Quotients (IQ) and Grade Point Average (GPA), the correlation is very strong. Correlation is known to be a positive. The meaning of this correlation is the relationship between the Intelligence Quotients (IQ) and the Grade Point Average (GPA).
This correlation implies that individual with high Intelligence Quotients (IQ) have a high Grade Point Average (GPA), in my opinion it does imply that the having a higher IQ means that you brain is Intelligence Quotients. This means you are smarter, therefore your GPA will be higher.
This correlation by the information was giving to me, did not have enough information to tell if having a high IQ causes higher GPA. More evidence would have been needed to answer this question appropriate. Students who have metal impairment or other mental disabilities where not mention in this case study in order to determine if it would influence this relationship.
The connection between correlation and causation is according to text is the two characteristics co-vary, or vary together, does not resume that one necessary cause the other.
Some of the factors that affect the size of this correlation are shapes of distribution, sample sizes, outliers, restriction of range, aggregate samples, ecological, inferences, random error of measurement, and correlations with third variables (Chen & Popovich, 2002).
Correlation is a good predicting GPA for this test because it allows one to compare variables together on one chart.

Chen Y, Peter. & Popovich M, Paula. (2012). Factors Affecting the Size and Interpretation of Pearson’s Saga Research Methods.Retrieved from

Essay # 3

Final Exam: Essay #3
Andrea Swink
Dorothy Sellers
July 21, 2014

2.2+2.5+2.7+2.9+3.1+3.5+4.1+4.3+4.7+4.8= 34.8
7.3+7.6+8.1+8.2+8.5+9.2+9.3+9.5+9.5+15.3= 92.4
3.1+3.5= 6.6/ 2=3.3
Standard deviation
0.893085 ...

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