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Final Essay Week 5

1050 words - 5 pages

My Wedding Day
Sarah Snyder
ENG 121
Instructor Youngs
February 18, 2016

My Wedding Day
What time is the right time? It seems as if there are many opinions on when a couple should get married, whether it be after a certain amount of years or just having that “gut” feeling. Should you follow that “gut” feeling even when everyone is against you? That is a question I thought about even until the day I had my wedding. After just 16 months of being with the love of my life, we took our vows and are now happily married. My wedding day was more than I could ever imagine, yet it took me through a roller coaster of emotions. Even though it felt like the world was against us and our marriage, I ...view middle of the document...

I had sat next to him during the get-together and then sat across from him when a few of us went to a restaurant afterward since there was not enough food for everyone. He gazed into my eyes all evening and flattered me to the bone. Soon enough, Kera was done curling my hair, ending my reminiscing. The curls were tight and bounced as I got up to get into my wedding dress. As I put on my casual white dress that I had just picked out over the weekend, I ran my fingers over the textured lace and even felt my skin beneath the open portion beneath my bust. When Jalen and I were both done getting ready, we hugged each other in excitement. We were finally doing this. This was OUR day.
Without delay, we left the house to head to the chapel on base. Soon after leaving, I realized that my feet were really starting to sweat. Though it was sticky at first, puddles soon started forming in my sparkly flats. It was a warm day, with the sun shining bright in the big blue sky. I could have easily blamed my sweaty feet on the warm weather, but I knew it was because of the nerves. While I sat in the passenger seat, my mind was also moving a mile a minute as I was trying to prepare for the emotions to come. Knowing that my wedding was very different – no music and my father nor anyone else was going to walk me down the aisle – I had to keep positive thoughts to not spoil the joy and happiness on this day. The short drive did not allow for much thinking though, as we were there in just a few minutes.
As we walked into the Chapel, I could not wait until the ceremony began. We sat around for a while since we showed up early, patiently...

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