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Final Exam Philosophy 101 Essay

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Final Exam

Philosophy 101

The base questions posed by philosophy, seem almost like puzzles themselves. “What is knowledge”, “What is it to exist”, “is it possible to know something”, these questions at first seem so simple that it's easy to assume an answer but by nature so abstract that the answers will always be arguable.
Looking at it from a teachers view point, arguability may have been the point, to cause a student to continually question, to inspire them to reevaluate past beliefs. In ancient times the Question was the only tool they had to investigate the world around them, so it stands to reason that the purpose of the Questions was more than just a problem in need of a solution. The Question was a tool used to investigate the problem, and once ...view middle of the document...

But to challenge the shared beliefs of a group of rational level headed, kind people is often deadly.

My WOW moment in this class was when we studied the Atomists. I found it incredible that philosophers in the 5th century BC discovered through deductive reasoning the existence of atoms. To publish the idea that atoms and void are all that exist must have taken Lucretius a lot of guts. He basically stated the churches had no divine power and one should not fear the Gods or death. I don't remember how he died but I'm sure he had a bounty on his head. It would be interesting to see where we would be if lust for money and power hadn't hindered knowledge over the century’s.
Toward the end of the semester as we learned more about eastern philosophy and religions I felt a much stronger connection to the ideas being presented. Buddhism especially caught my attention, I have actually done some research since the last class to learn more about there beliefs.
The four noble truths; There is suffering, Suffering has specific causes, Suffering can be ended, and The way to end suffering is through enlightened living. They may seem a little depressing but only because they're not sugar coated like other(western religions). Buddhism takes ones happiness and success away from a higher powers control and places it in our hands. I can see why western religion has spread so much, it takes the blame and accountability away from us and gives it to a higher power. It makes it easier to sleep at night since we just have to pray to be happy. I have a friend that is heavily into Wicca, so I recognized how similar some eastern philosophy’s are to pagan beliefs. I guess that's what I'll study next.

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