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Final Note Of Extreme Isolation Essay

1249 words - 5 pages

Valerie DiGloria
Mr. Matthews
PSY 150-108
March 18, 2015

Learning HW
Part A.

Read each of the following examples.

I. If you decide the situation seems to be an example of classical conditioning, you should label the UCS, UCR, CS, and CR.

II. If you decide the situation seems to be an example of operant conditioning, you should identify whether it is positive or negative reinforcement, or punishment.

A very bright (mildly painful) light is turned on a rat. The rat has learned that he can turn off the light by pressing a lever on the other side of his cage. As soon as the light comes on, the rat runs across the room and presses the lever.

A. The behavior of pressing the ...view middle of the document...

This is positive punishment, because time outs are added (positive) so the behavior will decrease (punishment)

Johnny has developed a habit of yelling "Bye, Mom" and then slamming the door very loudly in his hurry to leave for school in the morning. The door slam causes his mother to flinch. After several days of the procedure, Johnny's mother begins to flinch at the sound of her son's words, "Bye, Mom."

A. The mother's flinching behavior can be explained through __Classical____ conditioning.

B. If you chose classical, follow part I of the instructions; if you chose operant, follow part II.

UCS: Slamming the door UCR: Flinching
CS: Johnny saying “Bye, Mom” CR: Flinching

Imagine you have a friend who keeps the temperature in her home so high that each occasion on which you visit her you find yourself perspiring. The last time you visited her, you noticed that you began to perspire and became uncomfortable as soon as you saw her house (before you even were inside).

A. Your perspiring behavior can be explained as ___Classical____ conditioning.

B. If you chose classical, follow part I of the instructions; if you chose operant, follow part II.

UCS: Temperature UCR: Perspiring
CS: Your friend’s house CR: Perspiring

Mr. and Mrs. Jones are having a heated argument that both are finding very unpleasant. Mrs. Jones gets up and leaves the room, closing the door behind her. This has the effect of terminating the argument. From then on, every time Mr. Jones raises his voice, Mrs. Jones leaves the room.
Mr. Jones stops raising his voice.

A. Mr. Jones stops raising his voice because of ___Operant___ conditioning.

B. If you chose classical, follow part I of the instructions; if you chose operant, follow part II.

This is negative punishment, because Ms. Jones is taken away (negative) so Mr. Jones will stop raising his voice (punishment)

Part B.

Name and briefly discuss each of the four schedules of reinforcement. In your discussion, be sure to give an example for each schedule.

There are two main categories schedules of reinforcement can fall into- continuous, or intermittent. Continuous reinforcement is when every (correct) response is reinforced, while intermittent reinforcement is when only some correct responses are reinforced. There are four intermittent schedules of reinforcement. Fixed Ratio (FR) is when reinforcement occurs after a predetermined set of responses, like knowing you’ll get an allowance if you do three chores each week. Variable Ratio (VR) is when reinforcement occurs unpredictably and the ratio varies, like giving your dog a treat in random intervals as the dog learns a trick. Fixed Interval (FI) is when reinforcement...

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