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Final Observation Report

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My center observation was done at The Early Learning Center. I saw a mixture of inappropriate and appropriate practices. The inappropriate practices that I saw were during the teacher to child ratio. There were probably twenty to thirty children and there was only one helper in the room handing out food and trying to watch them, the wrest was in the break room having lunch. Also I could tell that the classroom was more teacher directed then child directed. The appropriate practices I saw was all the learning centers that they had and how they had totes to change out material. They had a lot of print all through out the room. They had more than enough time at each center.
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I can see that she has improved as a teacher and that she is better in the younger grades then in the older grades. I did however see a lot of inappropriate practices but I think that is because of that is how the teacher is told how she is suppose to do things in the classroom. They do have a reading center that they are aloud to go to when done with work so that they can get their accelerated reading points. Accelerated reading is when the kids read a book at their level and after done reading they take a test on the computer about the book.
Having appropriate practices in your classroom is a very beneficial thing. The teacher and the children can gain so much from appropriate practices. An advantage to using appropriate practices in a classroom would be that kids could learn hands on by having learning centers. Learning centers are a great learning tool when used appropriately. Teachers must be involved in the kids learning while they are playing in the centers. When teachers are involved in the children’s play it then becomes appropriate and they learn more as do the teachers. Teachers must also switch out the materials so that the children do not come bored with the centers. When you use appropriate practices kids are more likely to be excited about learning as to if they was sitting at a desk doing worksheets bored and not wanting to learn at all.
Some more advantages to using appropriate learning practices would be That kids would be aware of other cultures, gain a indecencies from doing self help tasks, and learning at their own level. When using appropriate practices each child’s learning is looked upon individually to see how much they know. We move each child to the next level by using the scaffolding method. When you let the children choose what they want to learn say in learning...

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