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Final Project Ethics Essay

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Final Project: Diversity in the United States

The United States of America flourishes with a “melting pot” society filled with colorful diversity; a fusion of the globe’s bountiful and various races, cultures, and religions. The United States is a home to all, such that no single group can identify itself more “American” than another. The synthesis of cultures are so beautifully exceptional and so uniquely blended that our nation can be just as proud of their original cultural heritage as they are to be an American.
Since the birth of the United States, we have been a country that is well-known for being a “melting pot” of various cultures, races and ethnicities ...view middle of the document...

The term “black Irish” was to describe the inherited physical characteristics of the group: dark hair, dark eyes, and dark completion (Central Irish, 2011). I also found that through my other family’s side, my family descended from a Jewish community in Austria/Hungary region. My family migrated to the new world to gain freedom and to run from persecution just prior to Hitler’s rise to power, when propaganda and anti-Jewish decrees were beginning to form. It was comforting to learn about my cultural history, along with my ethnicity.
* The term “minority” that is used to describe ethnic and racial groups in America will soon be a thing of the past because of recent trends in immigration currently shaping the demographics of our country. Being a country that was founded by immigrants, as well as fashioned by a “melting pot” of immigrants, we should expect that our country would continue to develop and prosper from the ever-growing immigration population. As stated by the New York Times, “The Census Bureau predicts that by 2043…there will be no single majority group in the country as a while, as the share of non-Hispanic whites fall below 50 percent” (para. 8). The NY Times goes on to report that, “The Hispanic population is expected to more than double during now through 2060, to 128.8 million in 2060 from 53.3 million now….one in three residents will be Hispanic in 2060” (para. 10).
Living in a country that is filled with multiple cultures does pose some challenges due to the wide array of diversity of our people. One challenge that is presented is stereotyping. Stereotyping has been a nuisance throughout history and we only have scratched the surface regarding the demolition of the term and action in our culture. St. James (2012) stated it best, “The fact is that each person should be respected for what they have to offer as a person and not simply lumped into a category based solely on opinion and fear” (para. 4). Another challenge that our country must face due to the diversity of our people is its language barriers. Through the United States, Latino immigrants are receiving substandard healthcare and difficult job placement because of the language barrier. According to "CBS: Language Barriers, “The Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers discrimination based on foreign language, though it is an aspect of the law that has not been consistently enforced” (para. 5). With that said, President Clinton made an executive order in 2000 ordered that all federal agencies receiving funds must have a system to combat the language barrier; however, that was only ordered for federal agencies and organizations.
* Although we may encounter challenges living in such a diverse society, the benefits that we share are invaluable. There are many benefits to having such a diverse society, such as sharing multi- cultural foods, learning new music, reading different literatures, observing cultural art,...

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