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Final Project Sci 230 Essay

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UNESCO Research Paper on the Everglades National Park
Daniel Cox
Axia College University of Phoenix
Joy Davis

Everglades National Park One
The Everglades National Park in the United States is the heritage landscape that I choose

for my project for this class. The Everglades national park is as diverse in wild life as the cities

that surround it, with a wide variety of animal and plant life. Why would anyone want to destroy

or encroach on this territory, live it alone for the sake of the animals and plant life that call it


The National Park Service currently recognizes nine distinct interdependent ecosystems

within the park that constantly ...view middle of the document...

Trees often form canopies under which animals

thrive amongst scrub bushes of wild coffee, white indigo berry, poisonwood and saw palmetto.

Everglades National Park Two

The park features thousands of these tree islands amid sloughs—which often form the

shape of a teardrop when seen from above because of the slowly moving water around them—

but they can also be found in pineland and mangroves. Trees in the Everglades, including wild

tamarind and gumbo-limbo rarely grow higher than 50 feet due to wind, cold weather, and

lightning strikes.

The plant growth around the hammock base is nearly impenetrable; however, beneath the canopy hammocks are an ideal habitat for animals. Reptiles (such as various species of snake and anole) and amphibians (such as the American green tree frog), find their homes in the hardwood hammocks. Birds such as barred owls, woodpeckers, northern cardinals, and southern bald eagles nest in hammock trees. Mammal species living in hardwood hammocks include opossums , raccoons , bobcats , Everglades mink , marsh rabbits , white-tailed deer , and the rare, life forms found around the everglades.
Within the protected 20,000 acre Pine land there is a variety of animals that call this home; Woodpeckers, eastern meadowlarks, loggerhead shrikes , grackles, and northern mockingbirds, this are commonly found in the pinelands. Black bears and Florida panthers also live in this habitat.
Within the Cypress and mangrove; tall cypress trees provide excellent nesting areas for

birds including wild turkeys ,ibis, herons, egrets, anhingas, and belted kingfishers . Mammals

within in cypress regions include white-tailed deer, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks,

swamp rabbits, river otters , and bobcats, as well as small rodents. There are many more species

of birds and mammals that call the everglades their home. Considering that the everglades

covers 1,509,000 acres throughout Dade, Broward, Monroe, and Collier counties in Florida.
Everglades National Park Two
The Everglades have been inhabited for over 10,000 years, perhaps even 20,000. By 4,000 years ago the area with its ample food supplies-fish, shellfish, plants, and land animals--supported a substantial population. Europeans first appeared in 1513 when Ponce de Leon explored portions of the Florida peninsula.
When the Spanish arrived in the 1500's, two primary groups of Indians, the Calusas and the Tequestas--lived in the area. The Indian population was largely eliminated by the diseases introduced by the Spanish explorers, such as tuberculosis, influenza, and polio.
After the initial Spanish attempts at conquest, the south Florida area returned to isolation for 300 years. After 1700, Indians of the Creek Confederacy from Georgia and other areas north of Florida migrated into the areas vacated by the extermination of the previous inhabitants. These Indians came to be known as Seminoles, but they were largely eliminated...

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