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Final Reflection Essay

664 words - 3 pages

Final Reflection
Kristina Bynum
EXP 105
Ashford University

There was a lot of great information that I learned during this class. There was a great deal of information that I learned in regards to learning Patterns and what it means to learn. This course opened my eyes to aspects of learning that I had previously never given thought to. I thought that I was crazy, and then I took this class. The process of learning is more complex than just retaining information that is received.
The concept of learning is more complex than one would think. I would explain learning first by defining what it means. To me learning is the process of receiving and processing new information. Learning takes place in just about every aspect of life and not just in school. If I were to explain this to someone that has never taken this course I would explain that in order to learn you have an open mind in ...view middle of the document...

In order for me to do so I have to learned how to enhance my learning weakness by tethering and forging them. In doing this I am able to even out all of my Learning Patterns to a level that will allow suitable results.
Going through this course, my Learning Patterns worked together in helping me decipher instructions and completing the required assignments. Precision is the highest score use as first for me it became probably one of the most important asset. I used the knowledge that I picked up on in the readings to complete most assignments. Sequence is where I think ties it all in for me because I cannot do anything without order. Sequence is what makes me able to complete the assignments in an order that was comfortable to me. This made everything easier to manage.
The biggest challenge I have is with my Confluence Learning Pattern. It is my lowest score and quite honestly is what I struggle with the most. After learning about the Learning Patterns I started to reflect on my life and habits. I struggle with my head being all over the place at all times. This can sometimes cause challenges because I will tend to do more than what is necessary. Confluence tends to fall right in line with my imagination. If I can maintain doing this I will have all of my Learning Patterns on an even playing field.
Looking back at this course I was amazed at the levels of learning and details involved. As I mentioned earlier, I never gave the process of learning much thought. I just knew that people learned every day and always learn new things. During the class I would look at the people around me and compare them to myself in learning. I would also try to figure out their Learning Patterns and what differences they had from me. The course was the ideal way to get into the habit of school. Many of us have not been in a school environment in quite some time and this course was the perfect introduction to help us become successful. By understanding how we learn it will make future assignments a little bit easier to understand. I would not change the course at all because it is the perfect course to establish what is expected.

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