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Final Review

2972 words - 12 pages

Week 6: “Neighbor” By Ben Daniel
Offsite: Pastor Traback at the River Community Garden
Offsite #2: Almaz at Step Up Silicon Valley
* Is Rawls veil of ignorance the equivalent of Ellacuria’s preferential option for the poor?
* Recford and Daniel:
* Both Protestant ministers (biblical texts as source or vehicle for framing and thinking through issues)
* Both deliberate and conscious of challenges of relating Biblical faith to Social issues
* Housing and immigration are public policy issues
* Daniel devotes a chapter to this question, using “Caesar vs. God” image from New Testament
* Micah Shows up in both books (see below)
* Differences? ...view middle of the document...

g. p. 11
* Chapter 1: FR. Toribio’s Ghost
* Xviii Title from Gospel: Luke 10: Good Samaritan: Who is my neighbor?
* Compare MLK and Road to Jericho
* Daniel spin
* Not charity
* Not public policy/political activism
* Friendship: the person from outside who saves and blesses us …(xix). Personal relationship…but note also suggestion that stranger does something for us (despite ourselves?), not just vice versa.
* Do you agree that this biblical story applies to Immigration?
* Policy Question: 5 changes reflect his “progressive” stance xix
* Major claim Daniel makes: Immigration may be about economics and politics…but it “is also a religious phenomenon” What does that mean? Do you agree?
* Faith-based language for journey: Immigrants = spiritual travelers, pilgrims
* Popular piety: Fr. Toribio, a RC saint (preferential option for the poor? ) “Might God look with favor upon the prayers of those who seek to enter the United States without permission?” (9)
* Los Originales de San Juan (Fresno) song about F. Toribio
* Chapter 2: Immigration as Biblical Journey
* Daniel: a life “walking alongside immigrants”
* E.g. May 2006 Rally in San Jose
* Biblical angles: Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
* Nb Bible itself is written and edited by immigrants, and is about exile, refugees, strangers in a strange land (16)
* Genesis: series of immigration stories
* Cain (land) vs. Abel (nomad) Cain’s curse= redemption: to be a wanderer…
* Noah Babel: cultural diversity, restorative migration
* Abraham in Canaan
* Joseph and human trafficking!
* Moses and Exodus
* Israel: Settlement – Migration dynamic
* Israel is called to remember this heritage and treat the “alien” as a “citizen” (20)
* Biblical Angles: New Testament
* Birth narratives (Christmas story): introduce Jesus through the lens of migration, displacement, refugees (20)
* Paul as immigrant Christians called to an immigrant spiritual life.
* Revelations: “open border policy”
* Chapter 3: Immigration in Church History
* Chapter 4: Rendering to Caesar and God
* Chapter 5: Politics, Zoe Lofgren
* Chapter 6: Politics, Judge Brack
* Micah In Hebrew Bible (Xn Old Testament)
* Chapter 7: Frontera de Cristo
* Chapter 8: Water in the Desert
* Chapter 9: Lilinana and the New Sanctuary Movement
* Chapter 10: Good Escuelas…places of/for Solidarity?
* Conclusion: Silicon Valley and Globalization angle?
* Daniel’s Neighborhood in East San Jose = future of America, microcosm of future demographic (148)
* It is changing: SJ Valley: hispanic/latino and Asian
* Cain/Abel: settled, sedentary are disposed to fear the migrant, demonize the other
* His vision: neighborhood that is a sanctuary for those threatened by USA immigration policy
* Note, his next book was about Islam in America (2013)
Week 7: Creating a Habitat for Humanity

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