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Final Strategic Plan Essay

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Final Strategic Plan
July 30, 2012

The second part of the proposed athletic apparel company will consist of a SWOTT analysis. SWOTT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends. One of the strengths for JC's athletic apparel is location, location, location. South Texas, particularly Corpus Christi Texas, is currently a hot bed for all kinds of sports and prospective customers are all over the place. Customers range from toddlers all the way to high school aged athletes, not to mention the older fans and supporters that will no doubt purchase apparel to support the team. It has been said to strike while the iron is ...view middle of the document...

There are currently no business in town that offer professional style apparel or that offer to monogram inspirational passages on the clothing so JC's is very unique and somewhat of a pioneer in this city The chance to market our product is an opportunity in itself as we will use many of our products as mobile billboards which will be given away free to potential customers. JC's will also use the social media such as Twitter and Face book as a huge opportunity to get the word out. This type of advertising gives us the quickest and most effective way of getting our products out in this day and age.
Potential threats include other companies following suit, which would saturate the market and make business very difficult. Most companies have to endure some type of copycat business but JC's quality products will speak for themselves. One of the benefits to this type of business is the unique type of quality that will be offered in comparison to the competition, but there is always the threat of another company moving in and making things hard for the company. Competition will also be fierce, especially when Zen’s is entering the market.
Trends in the athletic industry are very common, especially if a certain team is doing either really well or really bad. Obviously when a team does well sales will go while sales trend downward when a team does poorly. This is a prime example of the old adage that everyone loves a winner. Trends in athletics happen almost continuously. In basketball the trend used to be to wear short shorts, now the trend is to wear really long shorts. JC's must keep up with current athletic trends in order to remain popular and attractive to all generations.

The mission statement is very important to a company or organization. A mission statement should convey what the business believes in to its customers and let employees know what direction the company wants to take. A mission statement should also be the "universal" standard that a company's management and its employees all follow. The company that I'd like to start would cater to the athletic community here in Corpus Christi. Athletics here in this town are thriving, especially in high school where many of our teams have achieved national recognition for their excellence. My company would cater mainly to high school athletic teams and would offer products ranging from a wide variety of sports such as baseball, football, soccer. cheerleading and whatever other sports are offered here. After time I'd like to expand my company's services to cover Texas and then perhaps nationally.
The company's mission statement will not only reflect the company's vision but also how are branded will reflect company values as well. We will make and distribute our products with pride and dignity and this is exactly how we want our customers to wear our products. In a move that I noticed Nike used last year I would like to implement the use of motivational quotes or scriptures...

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