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Timeline of Events Leading to the Civil War

Name of the Event Dates Description
The First Great Awakening 1730s-1740s This brought many religion believes to the states. It allowed women to speak at church and allowed Blacks to join. During this time two Black churches were built.
The Abolishment of Slavery Movement 1776- End of the Civil War This movement has been an issue for both the south and north. It has been an issue since the states were established and was a big issue during the Second Great Awakening.
The rise of the need of slaves 1793- 1860s The invention on the cotton gin allowed plantations to produce more cotton. The plantation owners bought more slaves to ...view middle of the document...

They could be fined, arrested, and punished for this. It also fined federal officials when they did not arrest and return runaway slaves.
The Kansas- Nebraska Act
1854 This act allowed both Kansas and Nebraska to decide if they wanted to be a slave state or a free-slave state. This caused people to come from the south and the north to argue their views.
Dred Scott vs Sandford
1857 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Blacks did not have the same rights as Whites, they could not be a citizen of the states and were not protected by the U.S. Constitution.
John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry 1859 A white abolitionist, John Brown, tried to raid Harper Ferry, Virginia. The mission was to put fear into the eyes of Virginia slave holders. He also wanted to recruit more slaves to join him in the raid. He was defeated by Robert E. Lee and hung on December 2, 1852.
The Election of President Abraham Lincoln 1860 Abraham Lincoln won the presidency vote on November 6, 1860. This caused South Carolina to believe that Lincoln was going to abolition slavery in the south because they thought he was anti-slavery.
The secession of South Carolina 1860 After Lincoln became president, South Carolina seceded from the Union. This caused the Union to fire the first shot at Fort Sumter, South Carolina.

People disagree about the reason the Civil War was started. Those people all have very valid points. I believe there are many reasons it started. The Civil War was affected by every decision that the government made for the foundation of the United States. I believe every one of these reasons is a valid point on why it started.
The elements that I believed caused the biggest impact of the outbreak of the Civil War was that the states lost most of its rights to govern itself. The South wanted rights to govern what they believed was right without the Congress saying they were living, working, and making their money in the wrong way. The second big group of elements was the rise of slavery that triggered the abolishment movement. This then caused the Second Great Awakening. These three elements were based on the South having slavery. The North believed the Blacks had rights and was against the thought of slavery. I believe the final element that lead to the Civil War was the election of President Abraham Lincoln that lead to the secession of South Carolina and other states followed in 1861.
My first element was that the states lost their right to govern their selves and live, work, and make their money the way they thought fit. At first the country had a Constitution called the Articles of the Confederation, which allowed the states to have their own power and military. This was changed in 1787, when they introduced the U.S. Constitution that took most of the power from the states and gave it to the Congress. The Southern states did not approve of this movement and thought they were discriminated against. In 1828, John C. Calhoun was elected again as...

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