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Finance 2011 Essay

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Question 1
Labelling PA Chest X-ray: right atrium, SVC, trachea, arch of aorta, left ventricle
Question 2
56 year-old woman with a past history of mitral valve regurgitation presents with palpitations and dyspnoea. O/E had irregular pulse and signs of congestive heart failure. ECG confirmed atrial fibrillation. she would have all the following signs EXCEPT:
a. Split second heart sound on inspiration
b. Soft first/second hear sound
c. Third heart sound (blood pushing against ventricles → ventricular distension → regurgiation)
d. Fourth heart sound (4th heart sound is never present with AF)
e. Pansystolic murmur best heard at the apex
Question 3
Using the Nuffield ...view middle of the document...

Topiramate is used for cocaine because it inhibits GABA neurotransmission
c. Disulfiram blocks alcohol dehydrogenase
d. Naltrexone is used for alcohol because it reduces alcohol induced reward
e. Clonidine is used for nicotine because it reduces withdrawal symptoms
Question 7
In Novemeber 2012, 45 people at POW (both patients and staff) contracted a food-borne illness. Symptoms included fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. The public health unit was contacted and an investigation began. This revealed that 20 more people had also contracted the illness, and all of these people had eaten food within a defined four days. Stool cultures revealed a growth of Shigella (?or maybe salmonella). A study was performed to determine the source of the outbreak that involved a questionnaire being given to those that had contracted the illness and also to a group of people who had been present at the time and had not contracted the illness. The most appropriate study would be:
a. Case-control
b. Prospective case control
c. Retrospective cohort
d. Prospective cohort
e. RCT
Question 8
Regarding the effect of regular exercise on cancer risk, which one of the following statements is most correct?
a. Decreased colon ca
b. Small increase in breast cancer
c. Reduced incidence of prostate cancer
d. Small increase in endometrial cancer
e. Decreased incidence of stomach cancer
Question 9
I think this was identical to the past year's q? sorry dont remember exactly...what is the post-probability of a child, with a bulging frontanelle, with a pre-probability of 10%, a likelihood ratio of 14.9.
a. 10%
b. 15%
c. 30%
d. 50%
e. 60%
Question 10
In a perforated gall bladder, where is the MOST LIKELY location for its contents to empty:
a. Lesser Sac
b. Right Paracolic Gutter
c. Left Greater Sac
d. Pouch of Douglas
e. Epiploic foramen
Question 11
Man present with 2 month Hx of fatigue, weakness and weight loss >10kg. Blood results are as follows: Hb 92 MCV 82 MCHC 26 (hypochromic) Iron levels 8 (low) Ferritin 400 (high) Total Fe binding capacity Reduced... Which condition is most in line with this investigation:
a. Pernicious anaemia
b. Long standing inflammation
c. Haemolysis
d. Myelodysplasia
e. Iron deficeent anaemia
Question 12?
Question 13
Which of the following antibiotic targets is MOST LIKELY to result in serious side effects following administration of such an antibiotic:
a. Cell membrane
b. Cell wall
c. DNA
d. Protein synthesis
e. Folic acid synthesis
Question 14
Anatomical pathologist confirms moderately differentiated colonic adenocarcinoma 
The following features are consistent with this diagnosis except:
a. Glandular differentiation
b. Stromal desmoplastic reaction
c. Nuclear atypia
d. Invasion through the muscularis mucosae
e. Proliferation of spindle cells in bundles
Question 15
Which of the...

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