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Finance 330 Essay

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1. Generally speaking, the role of the financial manager is to plan for the acquisition and use of funds with the intent to maximize the value of the firm.


2. The financial manager must execute his or her duties independent of the other departmental and strategic activities of the firm (i.e. in a vacuum) in order to properly maximize the value of the firm.


3. In a competitive marketplace "good ethics" is a wonderful idea but an impractical standard. There are simply too few benefits to be gained from maintaining high business ethics.


4. There is an inverse relationship between bond ratings and the required return on ...view middle of the document...


11. In accounting, emphasis is placed on determining net income. In finance, the primary emphasis also is on net income because that is what investors use to value the firm. However, a secondary consideration is cash flow because that's what is used to run the business.


12. The difference between an ordinary annuity and an annuity due is that each of the payments of the annuity due earns interest for one additional year (period).


13. Compounding is the process of converting today's values, which are termed present value, to future value.


14. A preemptive right is a provision in the corporate charter or by laws that gives common stockholders the right to purchase on a pro rata basis new issues of common stock.


15. One of the potential benefits of investing early for retirement is that an investor can receive greater benefits from the compounding of interest.


16. A call provision gives bondholders the right to demand, or "call for," repayment of a bond. Typically, calls are exercised if interest rates rise, because when rates rise the bondholder can get the principal amount back and reinvest it elsewhere at higher rates.


17. Other things held constant, P/E ratios are higher for firms with high growth prospects. At the same time, P/E's are lower for riskier firms, other things held constant. These two factors, growth prospects and riskiness, may either be offsetting or reinforcing as P/E determinants.


18. Other things held constant, which of the following will not affect the quick (acid test) ratio? (Assume that current assets equal current liabilities.)
|d. |Accounts receivable are collected. ...

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