Finance Assignment 1

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Complexity of the US Financial System

Michelle Bates

Professor: Ahmad Zia Rawish

Strayer University

May 6, 2015

Principle of Finance 100

Complexity of the US Financial System
How does the US financial market impact the economy?
The financial market has different financial products including derivatives, bonds, and stocks among others. Derivatives are very complicated financial products that gain value from stocks and bonds (Altig, Christiano, Eichenbaum & Linde, 2011). These financial products are futuristic in the sense that they are based on future investments. Their effect on the economy is that they reduce its volatility.
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The Federal Reserve is tasked with the mandate of creating a stable financial system that promotes sustainable economic growth in the country (Garbade, 2014). Over the last decade, the Federal Reserve has been effective in its roles. It provided the nation with trillions of dollars in an attempt to support and boost the economy to recover from the financial crisis in 2008/2009 (Garbade, 2014).
Roles of the US Federal Reserve’s chairman
The Federal Reserve chairman is responsible for guiding the Federal Reserve’s open market committee (Duygan‐Bump, Parkinson, Rosengren, Suarez & Willen, 2013). This is the committee that sets and creates the Federal Reserve’s policies that govern the short and long term interest rates (Duygan‐Bump et al., 2013). Even though his or her vote is one among the 12 possible votes, he or she sets and moderates the schedules of the committee’s meeting (Duygan‐Bump et al., 2013). The chairman is the ultimate authority in any matters arising within the Federal Reserve. Recently, the effectiveness of the Federal Reserve has been under scrutiny especially after the 2008/2009 economic crisis.
Roles of the US Federal Reserve’s board
The board of the Federal Reserve makes major decisions regarding the US’s monetary policies (Ilbas, 2012). They supervise the functions of the Federal Reserve and they also get involved in the creation of critical banking and consumer-credit regulations (Ilbas, 2012).
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