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. Accuracy:
Effective controls generate accurate data and information. Accurate information is essential for effective managerial decisions. Inaccurate controls would divert management efforts and energies on problems that do not exist or have a low priority and would fail to alert managers to serious problems that do require attention.
2. Timeliness:
There are many problems that require immediate attention. If information about such problems does not reach management in a timely manner, then such information may become useless and damage may occur. Accordingly controls must ensure that information reaches the decision makers when they need it so that a meaningful response can follow.
3. Flexibility:
The business and economic environment is highly dynamic in nature. Technological changes occur very fast. A rigid control system would not be suitable for a changing environment. These changes highlight the need for flexibility in ...view middle of the document...

Accordingly, employees must agree that such controls are necessary and appropriate and will not have any negative effects on their efforts to achieve their personal as well as organizational goals.
5. Integration:
When the controls are consistent with corporate values and culture, they work in harmony with organizational policies and hence are easier to enforce. These controls become an integrated part of the organizational environment and thus become effective.
6. Economic feasibility:
The cost of a control system must be balanced against its benefits. The system must be economically feasible and reasonable to operate. For example, a high security system to safeguard nuclear secrets may be justified but the same system to safeguard office supplies in a store would not be economically justified. Accordingly the benefits received must outweigh the cost of implementing a control system.
7. Strategic placement:
Effective controls should be placed and emphasized at such critical and strategic control points where failures cannot be tolerated and where time and money costs of failures are greatest.
The objective is to apply controls to the essential aspect of a business where a deviation from the expected standards will do the greatest harm. These control areas include production, sales, finance and customer service.
8. Corrective action:
An effective control system not only checks for and identifies deviation but also is programmed to suggest solutions to correct such a deviation. For example, a computer keeping a record of inventories can be programmed to establish “if-then” guidelines. For example, if inventory of a particular item drops below five percent of maximum inventory at hand, then the computer will signal for replenishment for such items.
9. Emphasis on exception:
A good system of control should work on the exception principle, so that only important deviations are brought to the attention of management, In other words, management does not have to bother with activities that are running smoothly. This will ensure that managerial attention is directed towards error and not towards conformity. This would eliminate unnecessary and uneconomic supervision, marginally beneficial reporting and a waste of managerial time.

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