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Financial Plan Construction For Mr. Tom Ho

5998 words - 24 pages

Executive Summary

Mr. Tom Ho is a married man with a spouse and 2 children. He owns 2 business holding companies. The purpose of this proposal is to outline Mr. Tom Ho's financial status and standing in order to create a financial plan capable of achieving Mr. Tom Ho's life and financial goals.

This proposal will address the action plans from several key and fundamental financial aspects, namely, insurance and risk management, savings and investments, education planning, retirement and estate planning and also, tax planning.

The action plans and recommendations shall act as a guide in assisting Mr. Tom Ho to achieve sufficient financial protection, lower tax burdens, increased ...view middle of the document...

Provided with this financial plan, client is projected to be able to achieve listed financial goals within the specified time period if plan is executed accordingly and properly.
Customer's Personal & Family Profile
Personal Details
|Full Name |Tom Ho |
|New NRIC |730608-04-5565 |
|Date of Birth |08 June 1973 |
|Age |41 |
|Gender |Male |
|Marital Status |Married |

Family Details
|Spouse |Angeline Chua, 41 |
|Son |Calvin Ho, 8 |
|Daughter |Victoria Ho, 6 |

Personal Contacts
|Mailing Address |No.16, Damansara II, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara, 46350 Petaling |
| |Jaya, Selangor. |
|Home Phone |03-7660-1820 |
|Office Phone |03-7661-1680 |
|Mobile Phone |012-210-6168 |
|E-mail | |

Other Details
|Religion |Buddhism |
|Profession |Businessman |
|Smoker |Nil ...

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