Financial Report Of Square

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Report on
BUDGET FY 2012-2013

Submitted To:
Nazmul H. Palash,
Finance and Banking
Department of Business Administration
Faculty of Business & Economics
Daffodil International University

Submitted By:
Rakib Uddin
ID No: 103-11-1716
Section: C
B.B.A (27th Batch)
Date of Submission: 3rd June, 2012
Department of Business Administration
Daffodil International University

BUDGET FY 2012-2013

According to the latest forecast, the growth of global economy may stand at 3.5 percent in 2012. The developing and emerging economies might grow at 5.7 percent. In FY 2010-11, we achieved a growth rate of 6.7 percent and as per the provisional estimates of BBS, in FY2011-12 the growth will be ...view middle of the document...

Estimates of Revenue Income
The revenue income for FY 2012-13 has been estimated at Tk.1,39,670 core which is 13.4 percent of GDP, of which NBR tax revenue is Tk. 1,12,259 core (10.8 percent of GDP). Revenue from non-NBR sources has been estimated at Tk.4,565 core (0.4 percent of GDP). Tk.22,846 core (2.2 percent of GDP) will be collected as Non Tax Revenue (NTR).

Estimates of Expenditure
The total expenditure for FY 2012-13 has been estimated at Tk.1,91,738 core (18.1 percent of GDP). The allocation for non-development and other expenditure is Tk.1,36,738 core (13.1 percent of GDP). Expenditure for ADP has been estimated at Tk.55,000 core (5.3 percent of GDP).

Budget Deficit& Financing
The overall budget deficit will be Tk.52,068 core which is 5.0 percent of GDP. Of this amount Tk. 18,584 core (1.8 percent of GDP) will be financed from external sources and Tk.33,484 core (3.2 percent of GDP) will be financed from domestic sources. Of the domestic financing, Tk.23, 000 core (2.2 percent of GDP) will come from the banking sources and Tk.10, 484 cores (1.0 percent of GDP) will come from non-bank sources. For the purpose of financing the deficit we are placing emphasis on mobilizing the concessional loans from external sources as before.
Annual Development Programmed
Like the previous three budgets, without catering to the needs of any particular region, we have determined the size of ADP by factoring in the issues of regional parity, improved infrastructure and quality of expenditure as outlined in our election manifesto. In the ADP, 25.5 percent, 29.9 percent, 17.3 percent and 14.8 percent of total allocation have been proposed for human resource sector (education, health, and other related sectors ), agriculture sector (agriculture, rural development and rural institutions, water resources), power and energy sector and communication sector...

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