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Financial Theory Summaries Essay

2688 words - 11 pages

Financial Theories Overview
Tyrone Freeman
University of Phoenix

Financial Theories Overview
Table 1
Financial Theories Overview
|Theories |General Description |Attributes |Current Examples |
| |Of the Theories |Of the Theories |Of the Theories |
| | | | |
|Efficiency Theory |The idea is that investors are so |Information not reflective in the |The ...view middle of the document...

The small group |
| |(Ball, 2002). Weaver’s research |(Ball, 2002). |of investor had the opportunity to|
| |(as cited in Aqbabiaka, 2013) |Information is accessible to all |treat the public information that |
| |states companies that successfully |investors at zero cost, therefore, |had not been reflected in the IPO |
| |implement EVA convert “accounting |the value of the public information|stock prices like gold, these |
| |profit to economic profit” (p. 50).|to stock prices are of zero |selected investors traded on the |
| | |expected gain (Fama, 1991). |new information to their gain until|
| | |The idea implies that all |the stock price adjusted (Gupta & |
| | |securities will be fairly priced |Oreskovic, 2012). |
| | |based on their future cash flows, | |
| | |given all information available to | |
| | |investors (Ball, 2002). | |
| | |Requires the presence of | |
| | |competition | |
| | |All information must be easily | |
| | |interpretable and not relegated to | |
| | |only a small number of investors | |
| | |(Ball, 2002). | |
|Theory of Investment |Investors in pricing securities are|Risk in a portfolio does not depend|An investment into the Vanguard |
| |concerned with risk. This risk |on investor’s tolerance of risk |Developed Markets Index Fund |
| |cannot be viewed in isolation and |(Chew, 2002). |Admiral (VDMAX). This fund provides|
| ...

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