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Finding Their Daughter Essay

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An old couple contact an investigator. They contract him to find their daughter. They are simple people. They believe that she is working in he’s city.
They sent him some sketchy details on her past. It doesn’t seem like much to go on. All they are asking is one meeting on her terms. They seem unsure that she would agree but they are obviously sincere. The investigator has many questions which the old couple are unable to answer. He takes the case however and it isn’t long before he tracks the girl. She seems early twenties-attractive, smart, well dressed, successful. Nothing about her would connect with the old couple, judging by their voices, there language and their rural ...view middle of the document...

Her so called parents, who for some reason had abandoned her, were wearing these clothes that properly were worn in the 1900s. Just looking at the girl and her family, the detective could tell so much-the girl was well dressed, successful and smart, but her parents could be spotted form a mile away, because of the clothes they were wearing. They were obviously poor, by the clothes they wore-torn shirt and pants
Confused by the sight of these two, the girl offered them to have seat and called the waiter over for three classes of water. The girl had so many questions to ask them, she didn’t know where to start. Still in the corner of the bar, the detective sat there watching them carefully. Straight off the blocks the girl asked “why did you abandoned me when I was young and needed a family”. A defining silence occurred after she asked that question. The parents knew that had to come forth with the truth that is why they came today, to come clean of everything. The old man answered question very truthfully “Me and your mum are not the richest family as you can see by our clothes. When you were born, we knew that we were not be able to support you, feed you and send you some fancy school out west. We knew a family in the city who really wanted to have a kid, they were rich and they would have been able to support you your whole life. We had no choice but to give them to you.” This was a lot to take in five minutes for the girl. Releasing that her family abandoned her because they didn’t feel they could support her, through her whole life. The girl had a few more questions that she had to ask her parents, which made things more...

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