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Fiona Hall And Hossein Valamanesh Essay

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Fiona Hall and Hossein Valamanesh

Art is used to express individuality by different artists, whether it is a hidden meaning, or in clear view for the audience to understand, every piece of artwork is unique and has some sort of meaning behind it. The modernist movement played a key role in the ability for artists to express themselves in ways they thought were important, rather than having to abide by the traditional rules and conventions set out for artists before this movement. Two artists who display their connection with their contemporary artworks are Fiona Hall and Hossein Valamanesh. They both connect with their audience by having different aspects and features in their artworks ...view middle of the document...

All of her works display her interpretation of the relationship between culture and nature.
Hall is well known for many works, but she is probably most well known for her series of artworks made from sardine cans; ‘Paradisus Terrestris.’ She began these in early 1990 and they were known for their revealing yet not disturbing matter. Each empty can would display a body part with plant life coming from above this. These were very popular and were a favorite work of hers among many. Hall was an artist for over 40 years. Her works are still exhibited around Australia and the rest of the world and are displayed in all major art collections and exhibitions over the country. Most may not pick up on it but Hall has a very visible affection and relationship to nature. The majority of her works display natural and plant life. This is what makes most of her works so popular, as she is so visibly connected to the artwork and the audience.
Another contemporary artist who connects well with his audience is Hossein Valamanesh, a contempary artist in the late 70’s. Valamanesh was born in Iran in 1949 and went to the School of Fine Art in Tehran in 1970. As he grew as an artist, he realised that he should use his nationality and culture as a tool and he then interpreted that into his works as he went along. During the years of 1968 and 1971 he was working with the well-known theatre director Bijan Mofid. He soon left and in 1973 he moved to Perth, Australia. He travelled around and spent...

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