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Fire Prevention And Fire Fighting On Board A Ship

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Every year more and more ships are lost through fire and collision. Shipboard fire alone, however, results in more total losses of ships than any other form of casualty. The most common causes of shipboard fire are: maintenance, burning and welding are responsible for nearly 40 percent of all outbreaks. Smoking leads to countless fires that break out when no one expects. Lack of attention, spontaneous combustion and electrical faults are the major causes. The engine room is at special risk from flashbacks in oilfired boilers, leaky pipings carrying oil, overheated bearings and even the accumulation of rubbish (oil rags, dirty oil, tins of oil, etc.).
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(1987) the ship must have offshore fire protection organization. The fire protection organization will normally consist of the following elements; First is the Platform manager, second is the Chief Fire Officer, third is the Team Leader and lastly is the Team.
According to Rushbrook, Frank (1979), from his book Fire Aboard A ship must have a fire fighting organization and in case of fire they were ready to man their station and combat the fire. These are the Organizations and the Officers and crews on each organization; in the Control Room is the Ship’s Captain, in the Radio Station is the Radio Officer, in the Bridge are 2nd Officer and Ordinary Seaman, Team 1 are the 1st Officer and 2 Able Bodied Seaman, Team 2 are the Bosun, Able Bodied Seaman and Ordinary Seaman, Technical team are the Electrician, Petty Officer and Greaser, in the Machine Room are 2nd Engineer and Engine Mechanic, Team 3 are the 1st Engineer, Repairman, and Engine Mechanic and last is the team 4 which are the Steward, Able Bodied Seaman and the Cook.
According to Capt. Leonor, Ramon P. (1996) from his book SOLAS (Security of Life at Sea) there is a Shipboard Firefighting Organization. And the Organization are as follows:
OIC/Chief Mate
a) Checks equipment and guides personnel for proper performance
b) Coordinates reports to the bridge
a) Establishes communication by any means available
b) May act as messenger
a) De-energizes electrical outlet
b) Checks and tests electrical circuit and equipment, repair of damage and restores power when needed.
a) Investigates the area, determines the damage and reports to the OIC
b) Must be properly equipped and tended
c) Acts as scene leader when needed
Line tender
a) Equipped with tending line and extra canister
b) Assists the investigator
Access man
a) Opens all doors and clears routes to gain access to the fire
b) Equipped with forcible entry tools
Closure detail
a) Isolates fire area
b) Sets secondary fire boundaries by cooling down nearby areas
CO2 Supply man
a) Takes CO2 fire extinguisher to the scene and operates when required
b) Assists the hose team
Foam Supply man
a) Prepares foam equipment and operates when necessary
b) Provides cans of foam
c) Assists the hose team
De smoking Detail
a) Desmokes the compartment by any means available
a) Prepares portable pump and accessories
b) Dewaters the compartment when needed
a) Stands by to operate the hydrant when ordered
b) Assists the hose team
a) Leads out hoses, removes kinks and sharp bends and stands by at the nozzle
Hose team
a) Attacking hose
b) Supporting hose – Protects the nozzle man of the attacking team
Scene leader
a) Guides the hose team
b) Maintains distance of the hose members
c) Decides when to approach and back out
d) Renders report to the OIC

According to Capt. Ventosa, Ramon P. from his book Advance Training Firefighting (AFF) that the ocean going vessel...

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