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First Draft Essay

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First Draft

This poem is based in the 19th century. There are three main
characters in the story. Cousin Kate, Cottage maiden and the Lord. The
title of this poem is self-explanatory. As you can tell the poem is
based on a character called cousin Kate. As she is the main character
in the poem, the whole poem revolves around her. The poem is based on
Triangular Conflict, which means that there is a conflict between
three people. The poem basically tells us about 19th century life and
peoples attitudes towards unlawful relationships. The poem tells us
about a cottage maiden who had an affair with a Lord. She looses her
virginity to him, and then regrets the whole ...view middle of the document...

This tells us that out of all the workers, or all
the girls the lord knows, the cottage maiden was chosen. The start of
the poem is written in first person narrative and carries on like that
throughout the poem.

The structure of this stanza is written in first person narrative,
this means it was written from her point of view, and shows her
feelings and no one else. The language used is very early 19th-20th
century; it gives the impression of happiness leading to sadness. This
is showed where the writer says "Not mindful I was fair, why did a
great lord find me out". This is saying that she was happy with her
life and she is questioning herself as to why she was chosen and no
one else. She is asking herself rhetorical questions and is not
expecting an answer. The structure of the stanza is clear and laid out
giving a clear image of her feelings

Stanza 2 goes on to explain about what the lord did to her that was so
bad. She explains that she was dragged in by the lord's charm and fell
for his affection, which turned out to be a joke. He only wanted her
for one thing, but she was too taken in to notice it. The issues
raised by this stanza are clear. It tells us that the lord lured her
in, and according to her made her feel wanted and protected. She was
taken to his palace home and treated like a queen. It then goes on to
say that she is no longer pure. This means she lost her virginity to
him and is now known as dirty and impure. She then goes on to tell us
about how "I moan an unclean thing". She is now regretting the whole
event and knows that she fell for it all much too easily. According to
the poem he treats her like a plaything and she let him do it. The
language used is very explanatory.

It says "He changed me like a glove". This tells us that when he
wanted to he would jus disown her and move onto another innocent
woman. She feels let down on her behalf. She also writes "Woe's me for
joy thereof" This basically tells us that he wanted her for one thing,
sex, and nothing else.

The structure of the stanza is written like stanza 1, going from good
to bad gradually. She feels that her life is now over after the one
dreadful event. She knows that she will now be rejected and turned
down by almost everyone she knows. The next stanzas go on to talk
about her family values

Stanza 3 explains about her family and upbringing. She tells the
reader about how her father as the most important child chose her
cousin and how she was cast away. She is said to have grown fairer
than her. She is said to have been "lifted" away from the work to sit
with her father on high. This could mean that her father is a noble
person who has control over the cottage and decides who leaves the
workplace and who doesn't. The cottage lady feels cheated on by the
lord, she feels used and upset. The lord decides that he prefers the
cousin 'Cousin Kate' and decides to wed her and disown the cottage
worker. The theme of...

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