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First Essay

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Maria A. Tisdale
Scholarship Essay
February 18, 2011
Computer Science in Information Technology
At one point in my life I didn’t know anything about college life. Everyone would say what college did you attend followed by what’s your major and I would answer never been to college. Now, watching my kids get older and heading off to college hopefully I say what I am going to do with myself. I woke up one morning and decided that I wanted better for myself and I can’t keep instilling in my kids to go to college if I never tried. I always loved to work on computers. My friends call me all the time and ask me to help them clean their computers out and install software so they can ...view middle of the document...

Students come to me and ask for my help because I place ads around the school, I send emails and I let my classmates know that if anybody needs help with learning how to use the computer they can call me. I don’t charge a fee but I do take donations in any form that you can afford. Sometimes what I do is if you need help with a computer and you are good in a subject and I need help in that subject then we switch. I help you and you can help me pass my class that I need help in.
Working for the City of Newport News also help me reach out to the community as well. The community of Newport News has grown into a Spanish community. I am working on a plan to give back to the Spanish community by offering my services in learning how to use computers. Since the Spanish community is growing I would like to give back what Thomas Nelson Community College is given me which is knowledge in Computers. There are so many other people in this community that need help learning how to function using new technology, but can’t afford to pay. When speaking to visitors at the City of Newport News it has come to my knowledge that most of them are not computer illiterate and people treat them as if they should be.
Graduating with an Associate Degree in Computer Science will be my second greatest accomplishment. Receiving my degree at Thomas Nelson Community College will provide me with knowledge that I need to give back to the Spanish Community. Computer knowledge is in demand in the workforce and if you don’t have experience they will pass you over. My degree will be part of the community any way needed. College has been a bowl filled with knowledge.

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