First For Everything Essay

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Ashlee McGrown
IS 101 Education and Social Change
November 19, 2012
Final Project: First-Generation College Students

First for Everything

No two people have the same experiences due to the fact that every person is different, whether it be a difference in background, education, or skin color, something separates everyone. When attending college, you become exposed to to even more differences between everyone. Students come from various backgrounds, including some students being the first in their family to attend college. These particular students are also known as first-generation college students. The hard-work and dedication of these students should not go unnoticed ...view middle of the document...

”(Confronting First-Generation College Students)
The relationships FGS build with people on campus are essential as well. As documented within my video many staff members may be FGS themselves. This gives students the incentive to push harder once they see that it is possible to succeed, especially with all of the resources we as students have available for us today. Knowing there is a staff member you can relate to may also bridge that gap that students and faculty tend to build between themselves. Once this barrier is broken there is a entire field open for students to take advantage of. Mentor/Mentee relationship can emerge or it can be as simple as the student knowing that if every needed there is someone outside of their group of friends they can express their emotions to. Tinto found that low-income, FGS experience the highest dropout rates and are more likely to leave after the first year. (Bridging The-Gap)
In today's society, being the first in your family to go to college is no excuse in regards to unsatisfactory grades or dropping out. There is help all around no matter where you are from you just have to take the time and effort to seek for it. However, after researching and talking with a few FGS myself I do realize that the challenges so often talked about are indeed true. Time management, the work load, and a social life are key elements that are common challenges. It is a given fact that college is indeed different from high-school but one never known how different it is if there is no one around to relay the message. Due to not having a positive role model around many students never really envision themselves going to college because no one else did so why should they, what makes them any different. “I never really thought much about myself going to college when I was younger, it wasn't until I got involved with football that college even became an option. If it wasn't for my athletics I honestly don't know if I would be in college right now, I could have very well be in the streets of Chicago doing things I have no business doing.” (Thomas Phinzy, Carthage College, 2016)
Everyone does not have the same incentive for going to college but the it is them attending that makes a difference and that is important. For example my one of interviewees pushed himself through college and on to get other degrees for the sake of his family. He figured that with him going to college and successfully graduating in four years it would give his siblings some sort of motivation to at least finish high school. This is an example of starting your own tradition and being the role model for others to look up too. Other incentive for students is too began the journey making their dreams become a reality. Thomas for example may not have gone to college initially for academics but it is something...

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