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First Speech

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Good Evening everyone, tonight I will share to you some of my high lights. First, May I introduce myself: My name is Winston Calangi, 28th years old, and my country of origin is Philippines. I’ve been here in the United States of America since I graduated from High School in Manila, Philippines. Ten years ago, both my parents decided to migrate here in the U.S. for my future and three other siblings. Now that you know my root reference, I will now begin sharing some of my personal experience.
Tonight, I will talk about three things in my life. First is “Scuba Diving Experience in Marianas Island” Second is “My first Car”, and lastly is my “My Goal”.

Scuba Diving

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Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, or SCUBA for short, is a hell of a lot of fun. However, there is considerably more to Diving than just putting on a wetsuit and strapping some compressed air onto ones back. As I quickly learned, diving safely requires quite a bit more in terms of time, effort, and preparation. When one goes underwater, a diver is introduced to a new and unfamiliar world, where many dangers exist, but can be avoided with proper lessons and understanding. With this knowledge the water is ours to discover.
Scuba diving is the most frequently used mode in recreational diving and, in various forms, is also widely used to perform underwater work for military, scientific, and commercial purposes. Understanding why the underwater world is different helps you adapt and become accustomed to the changes. Sight seeing is a big part of what diving is all about. One dives for numerous reasons. A primary purpose is to see new environments, aquatic life and natural phenomena.
The underwater world is not a silent world. One can hear many new and interesting sounds, like snapping shrimp, grunting fish, and boat engines passing in the distance. Since sound travels farther in water than in air, one is able to hear things over much longer distances. Sound also travels about four times faster in water than in air and because of this, one may have trouble determining the direction a sound is coming from. One of the best aspects of diving is that it can be so relaxing. There's little reason for hurrying. By learning how to move without breathlessness, cramping or fatigue, you learn to relax during a dive. Due to the greater density of water, resistance to movement in water is much greater than in air. If you've ever tried to run waist-deep water, you've experienced this. In overcoming this increased resistance while diving, the best way to conserve energy is to move slowly and steadily. Avoid rapid and jerky movements that waste energy. Simply take your time. After all this is a sport to enjoy.
Several months after my vacation, I decided to give scuba diving a second chance. However, this time I decided to do it right. I signed up to take a P.A.D.I. (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification, which is one of the many internationally recognized scuba associations. Since my introductory dive from hell, I have had the chance to become quite the scuba enthusiast. Partaking in numerous dives not only in warmer climates (preferably) but in the colder Montreal waters as well, scuba diving has become part of my lifestyle. I participate in and enjoy every opportunity to re-visit the underwater world that once scared me away. Scuba is a complex sport and can not be enjoyed without some scientific knowledge. Scuba diving did not simply evolve, but it is the result of numerous inventions and physical properties.
Today, scuba diving is quickly becoming one of the expanding trades. Whether for...

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