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First of all, I would like to focus on the four main causes of WW1, Imperialism (Economic and colonial rivalries), Nationalism, the Alliance System and Militarism.First is the introduction of Imperialism. Major European powers became industrialized and imperialistic. The powers always competed to control overseas market and for colonies. Therefore, conflict and suspicion between the powers developed. Undoubtedly economic rivalries played a considerable part in creating international tensions before the WW1. However, the economic rivalries have been much overstated. Thus, the economic rivalries only played a minor part in causing the WW1. The second one was the Nationalism. There were two ...view middle of the document...

After 1871, the war atmosphere engendered by the secret alliances led to an armament race among the powers.I think that Militarism was the main and the most important cause of WW1 as the increased military and naval rivalry led not only to the belief that war was coming. The German ruling group felt that Germany could become a world great power only through a war. Military preparations had strengthened this kind of belief. The powers became militaristic. The increase in military control of the civilian government also increased cooperation among the military staff of the countries of the same camp. For example, all the three Entente powers held secret military talks. Germany and Austria also had military agreements. When the First World War was fought, it was to be fought by all powers because they had made the military plan cooperatively. The powers had many powerful, sufficient and new armaments and this made the powers less willing to settle disputes. As a result of the Militarism and armament race, all the European powers were prepared for a war by 1914. So I think it was the main cause.The WW1 finally broke out in June1914 because of an accident in Bosnia. It was the Sarajevo incident, the immediate cause of WW1. It took place on June 28, 1914. On that day, the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, and his wife were shot dead by a young Serbian student at Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital. Austria considered the murder of the heir to the throne an open Serbian attack. Austria would be left without an heir. Although she could not find any evidence that the Serbian government was connected with the assassination, Austria still declared war on Serbia. Within two month, the war became a world war. Finally, the war ended in 1918. The Central Power included Germany had lost. Germany signed the Treaty of...

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