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Fish@ Review

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If only one sentence to describe this book, I will say works just become lively and fun are not enough to elaborate a working value, we must dig the internal vitality and vision in the work to let the change sustainable that let the work in-depth value reappeared.
The main point of this book brings readers into a situation that a team has influenced and inspired by Seattle fish market business philosophy. However, they began to face with a dilemma that cannot make the working vigor sustained after their team has transformed. After they found this dilemma, they realized that their original changed, making work becomes lively and fun”, is only the first step in their transformed process; it ...view middle of the document...

In this book, employees are always actively looking for more opportunities to provide customer services and create unique dining experience. We call such a moment as a "moment of vision". Also, the "working vision" also activates in every moment to reach organizational vision.
I think the book talks about the meaning if "IT" is "it". This is not the dazzling short term. It is an adjective which just uses to describe the individual vision. As a result, each person has their own "IT" and it is different. The only way that finds our “IT” in the working vision is opening up the work with our co-workers. The content must be sincere and ardent. Wants to achieve sincere, both sides have to remove and avoid the hypocrisy, perfunctory, fail to convey the meaning...etc.; wants to reach "ardent" that because we put lots of time in our work with the result that through talking to each other to confirm and examine do we still maintain high motivation in our job. It is the only way to ensure we still have high enriched and high satisfaction in our career.
Each person’s “IT” is the basic element in any working vision. “IT” is the vision statement via people thinking and digestion. Trying to maintain the vitality of vision can be unaffectedly released via the discussion of “find the work IT”. Once we clear about our “IT”, the opportunity "Live IT" would be seen more easily and be able to creative. I would call these opportunities as a "time of vision". If we live more” time of vision”, we can accumulate the energy that maintain and sustain our working vision. "Coach IT" is that we can give it to each other, and it seems a present which helping each person's "IT" becomes steady. When we are executing “coach IT”, it proceeds activities of sharing experience or critical discussion that be aimed at any kinds of subjects in our work; for example, the difference of working style between individual work or team work. In short, it should proceed the feedback and brain storming at all stratifications in our work. “Coach IT” is not only for an individual, but it also makes organizational vision more stable than before. We can see more possibilities to help organizational vision continuing transformed in the training of sharing learning without marking off the position classes.
I would recommend this book to my friends which bases on few reasons. First of all, the style of content is using the story to express the meaning of organizational changed. Through this the way, readers are able to comprehend easily and elaborate imagination. In addition, I think this book dismisses some old fashion transformed style to bring some new ideas; in other words, this book adds many new...

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