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Fisher & Fifth Essay

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amsay goes to the University of Toronto and earns an MA in History. Percy flowers brilliantly and drops his first name to become known as Boy Staunton, and he takes to modelling himself on the pinnacle of aristocratic panache: Edward, Prince of Wales. He studies law and plays the stock market, and is well on his way to outstripping even his father’s immense accumulations of wealth. He takes care of his struggling and frugal friend Dunstan by providing him with investment information. They meet every two weeks so that Boy can prattle on about Leola and all the other girls he is enjoying. Dunstan is jealous, but that doesn’t stop him from taking Boy’s investment tips.

2. After college, Dunstan takes a job as a schoolmaster that he will keep until the retirement party of the second chapter of this book.

3. Boy and Leola are married and travel to Europe, and Dunstan visits the continent for his own amusements.

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6. Ramsay’s school hears a guest lecture from a man named Joel Surgeoner from the Lifeline Mission to help the needy. Dunstan recognizes the man as the tramp he saw in the pit with Mary Dempster years earlier, and follows the man to talk to him. Dunstan’s mind is opened up to the possibility of illusions and parables being more real than truths, and that Mary redeemed this tramp and made him into an honest God-fearing man. Joel mentions that he considers Mary Dempster a saint, and Dunstan takes this as being all too real, and considers her redemption of Joel to be the first of three miracles she performed (the others being the resurrection of Willie, and appearing to Dunstan at Passchendaele).

7. Dunstan returns to Deptford one last time to gather information on the whereabouts of the insane Mary Dempster. He also stops off at the Catholic priest’s house to inquire about whether or not Mary’s three miracles qualify her to be a saint. Ramsay is introduced to the concept of the 'Fool-Saint', a person full of holiness and good will who nonetheless brings madness.

8. Dunstan finds Mary in Toronto. She is being cared for by her aunt, Bertha Shanklin. The two women are not used to the company of men and Mary is not up to being reminded of the traumas in her past. Bertha allows Dunstan to come back and get to know Mary as a new friend, not the boy from long ago.

9. In 1929 Boy protects Dunstan from experiencing the Great Depression by having him invest in Boy’s own company, the Alpha Corporation, which is a sugar-refining business. At the time Dunstan is more preoccupied testing his hypotheses about the Portuguese Saint Wilgefortis. He travels to a small village in Tyrolean Austria to investigate a shrine, and finds that a travelling circus, Le grand Cirque de St Vite, is in town. By an astonishing coincidence, the young magician who jumps up on stage turns out to be an older and sleazier Paul Dempster, who has obviously made a living in the trade Dunstan first schooled him in some fifteen years earlier. Paul is going by the name Faustus Legrand, and is not pleased to be reminded of his former life in Canada. Dunstan returns to his investigations of Uncumber and later discovers that Paul stole his wallet.

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