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Five Geological Regions Of Georgia Essay

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Five Geological Regions of Georgia

Five Geological Regions of Georgia
The history of Georgia’s geology can be traced back at least one billion years. Georgia’s geology was impacted by the formation and erosion of mountain ranges, intense climate changes, flooding by the sea on numerous occasions, and volcanic eruptions.
The state can be divided into five regions based on their characteristic landforms, types and ages of rocks, and geologic structures. The five regions are the Piedmont, Blue Ridge, Valley and Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, and the Coastal Plains. All of these geologic regions extend into the surrounding states, but Georgia is the only state south ...view middle of the document...

This action was most likely due to the collision of Gondwan with North America near the end of the Paleozoic Era. The Valley and Ridge region and the Appalachian Plateau lie west of the Cartersville fault. The rocks of these regions are just as old as the ones in the Piedmont region, but they haven’t been subjected to the extreme heat and pressure as the ones in the Piedmont. The rocks here still show their original sedimentary textures, structures, and fossils. They occur as layers and consist mainly of sandstone, shale, limestone, and dolostone.
In the Valley and Ridge region the layers have been bent into great folds that erode and forms the long winding ridges and valleys from which the area is named. The rocks in this area contain numerous fossils. Due to the fossils and rocks, geologists have concluded that the Valley and Ridge area was formed in ancient seas from flooding during the Paleozoic Era.
The Appalachian Plateau is the smallest region on the state. It has sedimentary layers that are still horizontal due to not having been bent or twisted. In the lower elevations, these rocks are mainly limestone and dolostone similar to the ones in the Valley and Ridge region. As the elevation goes up, you begin to see sandstone, shale, and coal beds that date back to the Pennsylvania Era. The region is filled with Limestone Caves, Deep Canyons, and rock called the Tag Corner. It also has sandy mountains that run as long as 100 miles long.
The Coastal Plain region is divided into two parts: the Inner Coastal Plain and the Outer Coastal Plain. The Coastal Plains are separated from the other regions by the Fall Line. The Fall Line divides...

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