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Five Percent Nation/Nation Of Gods And Earths

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Nation of Gods and Earths
The Five Percent Nation/Nation of Gods and Earths originated as an offshoot of the Nation of Islam.
It was founded and established by Clarence Edward Smith, who after becoming inducted into the Nation of Islam, took on the righteous name Clarence 13X, pronounced Clarence the Thirteenth, the 13 signifying that he was the thirteenth member of the religion to join who had that name and the X signifying that he was rejecting his slave name Smith, as in the Nation of Islam, government issued surnames are considered slave names, so members take on new surnames upon being inducted as a means of disassociating ...view middle of the document...

Before delving into the philosophy and epic legacy of the Five Percent Nation/Nation of Gods and Earths, we must first traverse back to its origins.
There incontrovertibly never would have been this movement if not for the advent of Clarence Edward Smith who would be reborn as Clarence 13X.
He was born Clarence Edward Smith in Danville, Virginia on Friday, February 22, 1928.
He was the fifth born child of Louis and Mary Smith.
His early childhood years were mired by the segregation inducing laws of Jim Crow, which meant that African Americans and Caucasians were kept completely separated.
They were not allowed to utilize the same water fountains, bathrooms and other such common necessities.
Clarence 13X and his siblings never were disturbed by not being able to interact with “whitey” as how they referenced to Caucasians.
They were comfortable living amongst their own people and had absolutely no qualms whatsoever with not being able to go where they were not invited.
One of the biggest turning points in a young Clarence 13X life transpired at his home in Danville, Virginia.
“An event that must have heavily influenced Allah’s attitude towards life in general and whites in particular occurred at their house in Danville while he was still a young boy.
On this occasion, Allah witnessed his father fight a burly white man in front of their house.
His father ended up knocking this man over the banister of the house and they had to beat the man’s son and daughter who tried to come to their father’s aid.
All this had taken place because the white man had cursed in front of Allah’s mother!” DeChalus (2006).
In the year 1940, his mother, Mary found employment in Harlem, New York City.
It is there that she rented an apartment and in 1946, Clarence 13X moved there to join his mother.
He carried out work doing various odd jobs to sustain himself.
While living in Harlem, he was absorbed into the gambling scene, a hobby that he would retain for the rest of his life and would later become one of the supposed catalysts for his demise.
Clarence 13X joined the Army and served in the Korean War in 1950.
While he was serving his tour of duty overseas, his wife Dora, converted to Islam and came into the Nation of Islam under the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
Upon his arrival back home from the war, he likewise adopted the Islamic teachings and joined his wife at Temple Number 7 under Minister Malcolm X.
At Temple Number 7 he met Justice, then known as Akbar, who would later become one of his closest acquaintances in the coming years.
He rose up through the ranks of Temple Number 7 rapidly and soon found himself promoted to the position of lieutenant and administered the task of training the Fruit of Islam in Karate, something which he had learned while serving in the Korean War.
Nation of Islam’s military...

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