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October 4, 2013
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Five Pillars of Islam

The Islam religion believes that there is only one God and that is Allah. They feel that they have to live their lives the way Allah wanted them to so that their will is aligned with Allah. As long as they live their life the way they should they will gain a spot in paradise. In order to live their life right they made up the five Pillars of Islam. The five Pillars are the basic acts of the followers and are considered mandatory for the people to follow. The Pillars make up the Muslim life that is filled with prayers, growth, self purification as well as pilgrimage.
The first Pillar is faith. The first Pillar allows the people to practice their faith by honoring their prophet Muhammad and the one God they believe in which is Allah. The people have to know and believe that there are no other gods that is their creator. They understand that there are no gods that ...view middle of the document...

The third pillar is called the Zakat or self purification and growth. The people believe that all things belong to God or Allah and that wealth is held by us humans by trust. They believe in setting aside their own possessions for the people that need it. This way the money is always flowing within the society. This will help cut back the balances and will support new growth. Each Muslim calculate their own earnings each year and gives at least two and half percent of what they save.
The fourth pillar is fasting. The people believe that if they fast it will purify their minds and make their men learn to be more like their God. The people begin to fast from the first light until sundown. They are not able to eat, drink or have sex. Pregnant women and older people who are not able to fast must make up the days later in the year when they are well. If the people cannot fast they must feed the needy for every day that they miss. A child has to start fasting once they begin puberty.
The last pillar is pilgrimage. The Muslims has to go to pilgrimage at Mecca at least once. Pilgrimage is the core practice of the Muslims. When the people go they are stripped down to wear simple clothing that makes them normal just like any other people. By stripping down it allows the people to be of equal class when they stand in front of their God at the Mecca.
The easiest pillar that I would be able to follow is giving two and half percent of my earnings to society or the needy. I believe there are a lot of people that need help with money because of the government, and it would not be so bad if we did the same thing and give to our own people. The difficult pillar that I would have a rough time with is fasting. I do not feel that our body is use to such thing because we are use to eating any time of the day. If we were forced to fast at a certain time each day then it would be rough and I do not feel that most of us can do without food or even sex. In conclusion, I feel that the religion is interesting as there is much more to learn about. I have learned that the five pillars are very strict and involve a lot of practice.

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