Five Theories In The Bedroom Of The Dead

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“[T]he utility in diverse theories in interpretation does not imply the simultaneous truth of all the claims in the theoretical inventory” states Roland Garrett in a concluding statement discussing how more than one theory must be used to interpret fully a single work of text (Garrett 124). James Joyce’s short story “The Dead” is used to portray this statement in Garrett’s article “Six Theories in the Bedroom of The Dead.” As noted by the title of the article, Garrett analyzes James Joyce’s story using more than one literary theory and a “general reflection” at the end to recap his work (Garrett 123). Garrett takes time to point out why each theory can and cannot work for “The Dead” using ...view middle of the document...

A perfect example is Gabriel's reaction to Lily's snap in regard to her private life, he "coloured, as if he felt he had made a mistake" from which he promptly "kicked off his galoshes" and ran away (Joyce 298). Does this reaction prompt questioning of his past? How might the reader examine the text to find out the answer? With further elaboration on psychoanalysis, the reader may be able to answer such questions.
The idea of delving deeper into the psychosis of Gabriel may aid the reader by creating a richer and more fulfilling picture of his character; conversely, stressing knowledge about the context of the period is also important. The article holds a plethora of knowledge on the theories used to analyze "The Dead"; however, the reader thinks that the author leaves out potentially enlightening information about the importance of background information. Such information would include international events, historic events on the continent to which the story is taking place, and influential events in the author’s life. These would help the reader to understand the characters a little better by showing, for example, why Gabriel might be insulted at Miss Ivors calling him a “West Briton” (Joyce 303). He is insulted due to the poor political connection that Ireland and England have, meaning, that Miss Ivors, essentially, calls Gabriel a friend of the foe. Garrett does mention historical context, but only briefly in the first page and a half of the article, and should be noted that the author does explain the importance of this information; however he could have stressed it further by giving examples such as the latter.
The final change I suggest for the author would be the title, it...

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