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Running Head : Hurdles faced in Afghanistan through the eyes of a Special Forces Soldier1. The main Purpose of this article is for the author to share his knowledge and what he experienced in Afghanistan.2 The key question the author is addressing is will Afghanistan survive and become a thriving society.3 The most important information in this article is the mistrust between the general populace and the government. The governmental corruption must be minimized, eliminated if possible to help maximize economic and financial growth.4. The main inferences in this article are "The government is young and still trying to figure out their way of governing their country" (bottom pg 3). "Many of the ...view middle of the document...

The government has to take care of the population. The population has to take an active role in its government. Military leaders must put the interest of their country above their own personal interests and goals.5. The key concept we need to understand in this article is the isolation of the Afghan people from their government. The most important ideas to know to understand this is the remote settings of the afghan geography and the corruption in the government. Due to the large amount of the population of afghanistan spread out in remote villages, the expense to build and show a government presence in these remote areas and the corruption of government officials there is little to no government outside of the larger cities.6. a.The main assumption underlying the author's thinking is that the Afghan people are capable of developing, building and maintaining a legitimate government. B. The Taliban will let the growth of the afghan government happen.7. a. Implications made here are that the Afghanistan people will have to unite together to stand up against the Taliban and build a government to run the country. "the Taliban will not have a foot to stand on if the people of that country decide to band together and end tyranny and oppression." (last paragraph on pg 9) b. if we fail to accept this line of reasoning, the implications are that "the people of Afghanistan will continue to live their lives feeling isolated and cut off from spirit of unity that is needed to resist oppressive regimes." (last paragraph pg 9)8. The main point presented in this article is the future of the country of Afghanistan rests in actions or inactions of the population.

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914 words - 4 pages Is Hard to Find” shows that you must come to the realization of who you are, and find yourself first. Works Cited "A Good Man Is Hard to Find." : Analysis of Symbolism, Foreshadowing, Irony, and Humor. Krista, 8 Oct. 2009. Web. 17 Nov. 2014. Chandler, Otis. "Flannery O'Connor Quotes." Goodreads. Goodwill Inc, 1 Jan. 2014. Web. 17 Nov. 2014. Holliday, Stephanie. "What Is the Irony in Flannery O'Connor's

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1080 words - 5 pages this treatment for so long until one day they started taking a stand. It was a slow process for blacks to gain their freedom and they endured many cruel punishments to reach the triumph of freedom. Flannery O'Connor takes us into these harsh times when blacks were fighting for their freedom. This story takes place after the bus boycott. It tells of a mother and her son, Julian, in times when the world was changing for the better for blacks and

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2391 words - 10 pages author knows for sure how the universe works, but they use their literature as a way to express their personal beliefs about the universe. O’Connor and Poe show through gloomy and dark stories and the difficult and violent journeys of the stories’ main characters, where humans stand in in God’s universe. Works Cited O'Connor, Flannery. The Violent Bear It Away. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007. Print. O'Connor, Flannery. "The

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808 words - 4 pages did. His statement was a statement with a hidden sense of foreshadowing concerning the grandmother's murder. The grandmother begged the Misfit for mercy and told him, "'I'll give you all the money I've got!'" His reply was, "'There never was a body that give the undertaker a tip,'" which was his way of foreshadowing her near death. Thus, Flannery O'Connor used strong imagery to provide foreshadowing to her readers of the inevitable ending of

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928 words - 4 pages within us,no matter how innocent our actions seem to be. “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, is one of her best known stories for that reason. References O'Connor, Flannery. "A Good Man in Hard to Find." 2007. Robert DiYanni. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2007

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1219 words - 5 pages mayor influenced by her life and her disease that will be somehow included in her stories. “The Legacy of the South” according to Flannery O'Connor's writing: a guide for the perplexed. By Michael M. Jordan “O'Connor had a very sharp eye and ear for the sights and sounds of her native land. And for me, a native of western North Carolina living in exile in the Midwest, it is a joy to encounter the "Southernness" in her fictional world, despite the

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1111 words - 5 pages The Importance of Violence in "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Connor.In the story "A Good Man is Hard to Find", Flannery O'Connor uses violence as aforce of both good and evil to demonstrate how people's attitudes and perspectives of lifechange when they are faced with a situation of violent danger. The story is about a familyof six who, on their way to Florida are murdered by an escaped convict who calls himselfthe Misfit. The

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771 words - 4 pages A Good Man Is Hard To FindThe title 'A Good Man Is Hard to Find' gives you the impression that someone is looking for a partner. When in reality, the title is actually explaining the moral of the story. Every character has their bad points, even the seemingly innocent children. From the Misfits, to the entire family, everyone was disrespectful and just plain rude. In some families it would be considered a mortal sin to be rude to elders

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1091 words - 5 pages that he has done for me. For given me the opportunity and strength to take this class. For also blessing me each and everyday and keeping me alive. Also want to thank him for success that he has planned for my life. Works Cited "Adherents.com." Largest Religious Groups in the USA. N.p., n.d. Web. Apr. 2015. DeAmgelis, Victoria. Journal 8 (2015): 1. Web. Apr. 2015. "Flannery O'Connor: A Self-Portrait in Letters." - University of San