Flow Process Essay

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Flowchart for a Process

September 17, 2012
Todd Myers

Many people have daily duties or routines that have become monotonous or performed without second thought. Creating a flowchart can have a positive effect on the process used to perform these duties or tasks. Each morning I have the task of getting my children ready for preschool and daycare. The task requires much time and consideration to ensure they arrive in a timely manner. Creating a flowchart will improve this process as well as show the different factors that have an effect on the process. This paper will evaluate the factors considered in preparing the kids in the morning and show a flowchart to improve the ...view middle of the document...

Another factor to consider is if the children went to bed on time. This becomes a factor because when they are well rested it is easier to wake them in the morning and I do not have to deal with temperament issues from a lack of appropriate rest. The primary metric of measuring this process is the amount of time is takes to complete everything. So time is the most important factor which includes the total time it takes to drive the kids to school. With this in mind, traffic is a factor that may fluctuate daily.
The following includes data that was collected during a work week to measure the time used in the process of getting ready in the morning:
Day Wake Time Bedtime Time to get ready Traffic
MON 7:00a 8:00p 30min no
TUES 7:10a 9:20p 35min no
WED 7:00a 9:00p 30min no
THUR 6:55a 8:00p 30min no
FRI 7:00a 9:45p 40min no

Process analysis is a basic skill needed to understand how the process works. Much can be determined and analyzed with the drawing of a flowchart to outline the process. This flowchart gives a visualization of the different elements and how they work together (Chase,2006). Getting the children ready for school in the morning involves several factors and outside aspects to consider. The flowchart will help to find ways to save time and energy with time being the main metric of concentration.

Appendix A
| | | | | | | | | | |
Set alarm clock to wake up early
Arrive at child's preschool
Take baby to daycare
Wake the children
Find outfits and iron clothing for children
Get children dressed and groomed for school
Were clothes and...

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