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Fluency And Comprehension Study Essay

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Setting and Sample Population
The sample population for this study is four third grade students in a general education class in an urban district elementary school. There are 19 students in the class. The four students read at a grade below their grade level. They are non-fluent readers and have consistently performed below par in assessments in reading. Student A is a 9 year old male Hispanic who reads at the first grade level. Student B is a 9 year old African American male who presently reads at the second grade level. Student C is a 9 year Hispanic female who reads at the second grade level. Student D is a biracial (Hispanic and African American) who reads at the second grade level. All ...view middle of the document...

The problem arises when they have to do independent work. The decision was therefore taken to assess their level of fluency to see if it was affecting their level of comprehension as purported by the review of the literature. These students were also chosen because they were nearer the point where they could benefit from instruction that could help them score proficient on the state test and help the school meet the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP). A sample population of this size is adequate since they will be given intervention during the regular literacy block. A larger sample would prove time consuming.

The Elementary school where these students attend is in a low socioeconomic urban school district which is characterized by violence and illegal activities. The school serves PK-6, with a student population of 570. They school has been struggling academically for many years. It has not met AYP in many years. Last year the school received the School Improvement Grant (SIG) to increase educational output. As a result new personnel were hired to fulfill the mandate. The school day was also extended by one and a half hours. Plus there are other late programs that cater to underachieving students. The school has a regular literacy coach and a reading coach supplied by the owners of the School's reading program, 100 Book Challenge (100 BC). This coach meets with teachers about once per month to analyze teachers' implementation of the program and offer feedback on instruction and also to model best practices in reading instruction.

At present, morale at the school is high. The school had shown improvements even though it did not achieve AYP. The results for last's year’s state test showed that the third graders had the highest gains in the whole school. Each year it is expected that 5% more student need to pass than the year before to show the needed amount of growth. This is especially important as the school jockeys to renew the SIG. For the renewal the panel will assess school wide improvement in student learning using results from the state test, district benchmarks such as Learnia, Scholastic Math Inventory (SMI), increased reading levels in 100 BC. Failure to show the necessary progress could result in the closure of the school, the removal of the principal, or the transfer of staff whose students did not show adequate growth.

At this site Harcourt reading series basal and leveled reading materials (StoryTown) are utilized. There is also a distinct reading program, 100 BC. Social Studies and Science deviate from the regular curriculum and are called research labs. Children read trade books according to their interest and answer research questions. The finished product for each marking period is a student made book based on their topic of choice or interest. Social Studies and Science classes provide extra reading time. Reading is stressed at this school. The literacy block is two hours with 30 minutes of compulsory silent reading. All...

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