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History of The Company
LIBERIS PUBLICATIONS S.A. was founded in its current legal status on the 2.6.1986 (Official Gazette 2324/11.6.86 S.A.s and LTDs Issue) by Antonios Liberis, with the goal of becoming involved in the sector of publications and presswork.
In the course of all these years, the company has had a spectacular development, dynamically moving in the sector of publications, launching new and successful magazines that conquered the top ranks amongst their competitors. In addition, by concluding strategic alliances with large foreign companies of the sector, the most noteworthy of which being the participation of the Groupe Edipresse, the Swiss publishing group in the share ...view middle of the document...

Environmental analysis

Marketing environment
Doing a brief environmental analysis we have to examine the 6 basic forces that affect the environment
·     Political forces
Due to the fact that the specific magazine doesn’t have any political articles with the only exception towards its tendency to protect the environment is not affected by political forces in Greece.
·     Legal forces
There aren’t any real limitations that affect this specific magazine especially due to the fact that European legislation is currently stronger than the national one as we observed after the last periods legal adventures
·     Regulatory forces
Regulatory forces are quite relaxed in Greece for mass media, newspapers and magazines.
·     Social forces
The last 15 years we observed a drastic turn on social preferences towards scientific magazines that are targeted in individuals that are seeking new scientific knowledge without being experts themselves.
One of the first newcomers in the Greek market was the “focus'; magazine. Being the first in this market they took the biggest market share, by introducing a simple and interesting approach to scientific evolution for scientific and non-scientific readers.
·     Economic and competition forces
The economic growth that the country experienced the last decade gave the advantage to increase spending on scientific magazines from the consumers.
The stable pricing policy and the high quality of the information that “focus'; offered to the public created a loyal consuming force. Last couple of year’s recession didn’t have any drastic effect on sales due to the fact that the target market is mainly based on educated middle to upper class consumers.
On the other hand competitive forces changed drastically the last year. Newcomers in the market like the “science'; magazine are creating a threat to the dominance position of “Focus';. The basic advantage to face this threat is the big variety of topics that “Focus'; covers and the more scientific image that the “science'; magazine is using on its marketing strategy up to now. Another diversified though competitor is “National Geographic'; which covers a narrowed area of topics.
·     Technological forces
Technological changes are extremely fast in the 21st century and although «Focus» is not a purely technological magazine give enough information to its readers helping them stay on top on new products and new technologies. Since adaptation in the new environment and access on state of art information in essential to the 21st century homo digital

Target markets - Market Objectives

The “Focus'; magazine is well positioned in the Greek market. The target market is as following:

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