Following Failure Essay

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Following failure
"God, you’re just like your brother!", "Keep it up and you're going to end up like Erica." Two sentences my mom would tell me almost every day. Now I’m getting told good job on my honor roll or "I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my baby boy."
Since I can remember, my big brother was a role model for me, when he went and ran the streets I wanted to be right by his side, when he talked back to my mom, I said everything he said too. I loved my big brother and I wanted to be just like him, but little did I know I was following failure. By the time I finished Jr. High I was heading down the same path as my older brother who had just happened to be in jail at the time. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but I didn’t really care. Then came freshmen year, I was the person who was at every party, who had all the nicest things and knew all of the ...view middle of the document...

" She told me. I didn’t know why she really cared until I went into my sophomore year and my brother got out of jail. You would think that after being away for a while you wouldn’t want to run the streets but I guess we have to different ways of thinking, because one month later he was in again. I saw all of this happening and then what my cousin Erica said to me made since, I had to change in order to pass through what was happening in my family. I didn’t want a child before I could finish my own childhood, and I most definitely didn’t want to end up in a jail cell doing nothing with my life. So I put two and two together, I love people and I love traveling, so I knew that whatever I wanted to do with my life it was going to involve traveling and meeting different people and with a little bit of studying I knew I wanted to go to college for international business.
When I realized that I needed to change things in my life, it was a big deal for me. I was the kid who never did his homework and never did what he was supposed to, now I’m the kid who has to turn in everything and gets mad at himself when it’s late. I love the feeling I get when I look at my grades and I see I’m on the honor roll, it makes me feel like I’m somebody who has a future. There are lots of other activities that I participate in that the old me wouldn’t have tried. My freshmen year I would have never been on the math team, but not only am I on the math team now, I’m also a member of mock trial and I am on the science team. I’ve taken time out to even help my health teacher with her own club, the Shaper Club. I know now that the only way to keep it going is to go to college and graduate with not a bachelors but a masters in international business, with this degree I will do my best to have a very great career and a happy life, I will not stop until I reach the top.
With a simple conversation with my cousin I knew my life had to change. I refuse to be that kid who failed at life, I refuse to be the kid who followed his family's mistakes. I will be the guy who made it, who did it, and who reached it.

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