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Food Born Illness Paper

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Brittney Smiles
August 11, 2011
David Moore

Veterinary scientist Daniel Salmon first discovered Salmonellosis in 1885 that later took the name Salmonella. The first strain of salmonella came from the intestine of a pig. Many cases of the bacteria were found predominantly in Europe and North America since Mr. Salmon’s first discovery. Salmonella is a bacteria of toxic substances found in the digestive system of warm blooded mammals that can trigger food poisoning, thphoid fever, and inflammation of the stomach and intestines. Once salmonella is identified in the individual’s system more test are performed to determine the type. Salmonella ...view middle of the document...

Evidence also shows salmonella can reach the containments of the egg before the shell completely matures. Salmonella food poisoning comes from poor preparation, handling, storage, and cooking of food and beverages, these issues contribute heavily to the spread of the bacteria. Fault at times is placed on the individual that manages the food. The lack of sanitation concerning hand washing, use of utensils, and sterile workspace are major problems that influence salmonella. Things such as beef, seafood, dairy products, dressings, chocolate, vegetables, and sandwich spread are also acceptable to infection.
Many outbreaks of salmonella date back to 2006. September 29, 2011 a formal investigation took place about Salmonella Heidelberg outbreak on ground turkey. In the report, 129 people from different states were infected with the bacteria. Several victims were ill, some hospitalized, and one person deceased. Symptoms of salmonella usually include headaches, abdominal cramps and pains, fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. Other potential risks are arthritis, osteomyelitis, pericarditis, meningitis, hepatitis, pneumonia, tumor, and cysts infections. Symptoms show in 12 to 72 hours after digesting the contaminated food or beverage the effects of salmonella last between 4 to 7 days. Many patients regain health without treatment unless the problem becomes severe this usually requires hospitalization and antibiotics. Alternative treatments for salmonella are fasting, liquid diet, juice therapy, charcoal tablets, and herbs.
Steps taken to prevent future outbreaks of salmonella and it occurrence are to consistently sanitize cleaning and cooking utensils. Prepare, cook, and store food thoroughly within the correct temperature. Use appropriate hygiene manners after use of the restroom and carefully supervise children...

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