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Food Industry In Malaysia Essay

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Food Industry

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Food Industry
Malaysia's food industry is as diverse as the multi-cultures of Malaysia, with a wide range of processed food with Asian tastes. In 2008, the food processing industry contributed about 10% of Malaysia's manufacturing output and companies in this industry are predominantly Malaysian-owned. It is estimated that the present global retail sales in food products are worth around US$3.5 trillion, and are expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.8 per cent to US$6.4 trillion by 2020.

Malaysia remains a net importer of food. In 2008, Malaysia's food exports amounted to RM17.9 billion, while imports totalled RM28 billion. ...view middle of the document...

Currently, Malaysia is the largest cocoa processor in Asia and ranks fifth in the world. However, most of the cocoa beans are imported. Malaysia is also one of the world major producers of spices. In 2008, Malaysia's was ranked as the fifth largest exporter of pepper and pepper-related products (specialty


Food Industry

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pepper, processed pepper and pepper sauces).

In the Ninth Malaysia Plan, the production of fruits and vegetables is targeted to reach 2.56 million tonnes and 1.13 million tonnes, respectively, by 2010. Vegetables are mainly grown on a small scale for fresh consumption, and are exported mainly to Singapore. The major locations for the cultivation of vegetables are in Johor, Pahang, Kelantan and Perak. In the fruits sub-sector, besides mangos, starfruits and papayas, the cultivation of pittaya (dragon fruit) is gaining interest among farmers. Most of these fruits are to cater for the domestic market.

Increasing consumer awareness in nutrition value and food fortification for healthcare has created the demand for functional/healthy,...

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