Food Intake Essay

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Food Intake
SCI/220 Human Nutrition
December 02, 2010

Food Intake
In the first nutritional intake paper for one day taught me a lot about my nutritional habits and the way I eat. It is hard to really eat the way I need to because of my day to day schedule. I really would like to eat the nutritional foods my body need and want but I have a busy schedule. This is not to say that I will not try to improve my day to day eating habits. This means that if I do not start eating the right foods it may cause health issues later.
In this paper I will present information stating which nutritional foods provide protein, carbohydrates, and lipids. The writer will ...view middle of the document...

According to the profile my protein intake was deficient for the three day food intake. My lipids intake for the three day food intake was marginally sufficient for the three day intake. My profile intake projects that my carbohydrate intake for the three day intake is marginally sufficient. According the food pyramid for the first day I need to improve my vegetable, fruits, oils and milk intake to meet the recommended food intake for the day. On day two I need to add more grains, vegetables, milk, and oils to my diet.
On day three I consumed a marginal amount of each of the food groups, but I can still use an increase in my vegetables and my lipids intake. The proteins in the foods that I consumed some were complete and some were complimentary to the diet. It is important to consume the right proteins for the proper nutrition in the diet. When you consume proteins it is not enough to just eat meat, but eat the right meats. Protein is important for the body to promote healing for the body.
According to the three day lipid intake I achieved a marginal 59% overall which I think was a good amount of intake for the three day intake. In the carbohydrates section I had a good consumption of carbohydrates in my diet for the three day consumption. In the three day protein consumption I was deficient in my intake. I was a little surprised at the results of my food intake for the three day period. I thought it would be better being that I did not consume a lot of food on any of the days.
My micronutrient intake was a little insufficient for the three day food intake. I could improve my micronutrient by implementing more vegetables in my diet on a daily basis. It is important to have the micronutrient within range. When the deficiency of protein goes longer, you may see poor growth, swelling, abnormal hair growth, muscle wasting, and abnormal skin. A lack of protein also weakens the immune system and so it is easy to get sick” (2010).
The lack of carbohydrates in the diet can cause these illnesses decreased energy, digestive difficulties, risks of cancers, kidney stones, and heart disease. To have too few lipids will cause weight loss. My recorded fiber intake for the three day food intake is insufficient and does not total a 100% of the recommended fiber intake. I think my fiber intake was too low because I did not meet the...

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