Food Intake Relationships Essay

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3 Day Food Intake
Shannon Laing
December 20, 2015
*For Detailed Food Intake Information: go to iProfile

3-Day Food Intake
Learning about proper nutrition is a great health benefit all on its own. Making oneself knowledgeable about the amount of nutrients that the body needs to function, and the foods we consume that will provide those, is key to overall good health. Eating a well-balanced diet is an important factor to staving off many chronic diseases.
I was asked to record all foods that I consumed for three days, the tool that I utilized was iProfile. This is an exercise in nutritional exploration, eating habits, and dietary needs.
Of the foods that I recorded and consumed over the 3-day period, the foods that provided the most protein were; eggs, chicken breast, salmon, and almonds. The foods that provided the most carbohydrates were; whole grain toast, blackberries, ...view middle of the document...

I could add avocados to my salads to increase these as well.
The proteins in each food I ate, are a variety of complete and incomplete proteins. The complete proteins that I consumed were; chicken, salmon, and eggs. The incomplete proteins that I ingested were; almonds, whole grain toast, and quinoa. I could make some slight changes to make them complimentary, such as adding peanut butter to my whole grain toast, and by adding some legumes to my brown rice. It is important to acquire the complete or complimentary proteins, to make sure that my body is receiving all of the essential amino acids it needs. Amino acids build and repair tissues in your body, provide energy, and help to digest foods. “The value of proteins is dependent upon combinations of amino acids that build the protein.” (, 2015).
Maintaining macronutrient intake within the recommended range is important in order to keep our bodies fueled properly. “Macronutrients, "carbohydrates, proteins, and fats" are essential for health, growth, healing, and immune function.” (, 2015). Too much or too little of any macronutrient can result in poor health and a variety of diseases. For example, if you consistently eat too little protein, there are several health factors that can result. Muscle wasting, increased weakness, skin rashes, and changes to your hair texture, are a few. You may also experience a higher number of infections, because your immune system cannot produce enough antibodies (, 2015). Consuming too few carbohydrates will also adversely affect the human body. Considering the fact that carbohydrates give us energy, one of the effects of eating too few carbs, would be the feeling of exhaustion, or extreme fatigue. In addition, there is the risk of digestive stress, i.e. diverticulitis, and kidney problems (kidneys having to work too hard to flush the extra ketones). The effects are also

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