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Food Narrative Essay

707 words - 3 pages

ENC 1102

Paper One Assignment

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is the story of a significant or memorable event in your life. A narrative should include specific details, descriptions, and perhaps even dialogue. A narrative is a story told from your perspective that includes not only a narration of the event, but also an evaluation of this event. For this essay, I want you to focus on food as the guiding theme behind your narrative. In order to write this essay, please consider some of the following questions:

1) What is your food story?

2) What role does food play in your gatherings with family and friends?

3) How much does your culture influence what/how you ...view middle of the document...

DIALOGUE: Does the essay employ flavorful dialogue, creating the impression of a real, actual conversation that intensifies specific scenes? (Dialogue is optional)
7. SENTENCE CRAFT: Does the essay employ a wide variety of sentences that use flavorful diction (word choice) or structures? In essence, are the sentences catchy?
8 . GRAMMAR/SPELLING. Is your grammar/spelling relatively ok (the basic meaning was clear)? Did you do a spell-check? Did you read your essay aloud after running the spell-check? Did you take this essay to the Writing Center for additional support?

*****The basic purpose of this essay is for you to tell me your food story in narrative form. Food plays a significant role in our daily lives and this essay gives you an opportunity to reflect on its significance.

Components of the Narrative Essay
1. A clever, attention-grabbing introduction and intriguing title.
2.  A distinct, and vividly described SETTlNG (PLACE)
3. A "workable" timeframe; in other words, your audience can tell exactly when the events in your essay are taking place.
4. Like any other "story,"...

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