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Food Processing Essay

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Food Processing and Preservation Homework
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History of pulsed electric field
Pulsed electric field is process that is non-thermal that uses short and high voltage pulses to process and preserve foods. The history of this process dates back to the culmination of the 19th century. It was during this time that the technique of treating and processing foods through the use of electrical current was first applied. Since that time of the century, in the 1960’s in specific, first cases of pulsed electric fields have been in use. German engineer Heinz Doevenspeck was behind the pioneering of the process. His pioneer ship was followed by Sale’s and Hamilton’s research work to determine what was required to create an effective process. Later, in 1980’s the first two processes were developed by Krupp Maschinentechnik. The processes were referred to as Elcrack and Elsteril and were based on the work on Doevenspeck. However, this processes did not work as expected and ...view middle of the document...

Pre-treatment of fruits and vegetables using the process are on the way to commercialization presently.

Foods used for the process
The most common foods that are processed and preserved using this process are liquid egg products, milk and milk products, soups, and juices, bread and brewer’s yeast fermentation. The process achieves this by applying pulses that are high in voltage of about 20-80 kV/cm to foods that are placed in between two electrodes. Treatment of the foods is then conducted using temperatures that are either ambient, sub- ambient or are a little bit higher than ambient.
Advantages of pulsed electric field
* It is an effective way of processing and preserving foods. It is so because foods processed using this process have a long life. The shelf life of foods is also enhanced when this method is used and prolonged.
* The process helps in the maintenance of sensory properties and also facilitates the maintenance of the nutritive food properties.
* The process further ensures food safety and is a more convenient method of preserving and processing foods.
Disadvantages of the process
* Its application is limited because it can only be applied to foods that have the ability to withstand electric fields that are high.
* The process needs a lot of manpower administration in order to ensure that each and every process is efficient and effective and that the foods are safe for human use. The process does not have sufficient methods that can be used to ensure treatment delivery is accurate. The validity of the process can be wrongly concluded on how effective specific conditions of the process are. It, therefore, limits its functionality.
* Researchers argue that foods processed through this process are cancerous and hence there is a possibility of people developing cancerous cells after they feed on the food.

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