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Food Safety Essay

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Role of government in its citizens’ food consumption has been one of great controversy since civilization first came to exist. Food being such an essential and vital resource for the continuance of our survival, it is obvious that government must have some role in arranging some form of food security in order to guarantee the continued viability of its civilization. The role our government must take is to focus on the safety and the security of our food, while also curbing the obesity epidemic by forcing corporations to remove additives and other ingredients that are causing these ever-growing health issues to occur in the first place. Although there have been recent legislative changes that ...view middle of the document...

If the general public of the United States began to doubt the safety of the food supply it would create mass panic and give rise to anarchists and other separatist groups. Government must always play a role in insuring the safety of our food supply in order to protect its citizens’ from harm, and to also maintain that any potential threat to its own ruling legitimacy is never put in jeopardy
Food Security Globally and Why That Matters
In order for the government to maintain its role within the United States of America regarding the safety and security of our food, it must also insure that the food supply chain is stable around the globe. With rising food costs being attributed due to civil unrest around the globe along with long standing trade restrictions amongst various nation-states, it has the potential to become a growing issue for our own government as growing discontent spreads through national borders. Inaction on this issue will result in dire questions in our own food security, as the human population will continue to grow exponentially, soaring food, and the global demand for food will continue to rise rapidly.
Role of Government in Food Security
In regards to insuring that there is enough food available for the entire population of the United States of America, it is the role and responsibility of the government to insure that there is enough fertile and arable land to maintain the sustainability of our food supply within our own borders. Government must use its various levels of bureaucracies to maintain this status quo through curbing pesticides, preventing foreign species from wiping out vegetation, and other potential threats that may disrupt the food supply chain. United States government should also work within North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), United Nations (UN), World Trade Organization (WTO), Group of Eight (G8), and various other multinational organizations in order to discover and implement other potential safeguards that would benefit the United States food supply.
Role of Government in Food Safety
Protecting the food consumption must be a real priority of the United States government, as it looks to alleviate any anxiety the general public may have towards the safety of the food supply. Government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture, have played for years a vital role maintaining the safety of all food made available for consumption in the United States. These agencies are under enormous pressure because any potential outbreak that goes undetected can greatly affect food exports to other nations which may result in either a full industry or product suspension or permanent ban on food exports by nation states looking to protect their food supply.
Food Modernization Safety Act
In response to an increasing number of unsanitary outbreaks that went undetected due to loose regulatory government policies, the United States Congress with the approval...

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