Food Safety Should Be More Closely Monitored For Wellbeing Of Public Health In Australia

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Food Safety should be more closely monitored for Wellbeing of Public Health in Australia


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Food Safety should be more closely monitored for Wellbeing of Public Health in Australia

The rising cases of food scandals in the recent past have put the topic of food safety in the limelight. Additionally, food scandals have made food safety a contentious issue that warrants special attention. Some of the food scandals in the recent past in Australia include the horsemeat scandal, the food labeling scandal, and the wheat scandal. Consequent to these scandals, the Australian government has enacted laws that govern the production and sale of foodstuffs. These laws ...view middle of the document...

These changes compromised their ability to fight diseases. Additionally, these rats showed enlargements in vital organs such as the stomach and the intestines thereby putting them at risk of developing cancer (Kuiper, Kleter, Noteborn, & Kok, 2001). The results depicted by the rats used in these experiments are one hundred per cent likely to happen to human beings if the food industry becomes unregulated. Companies and businesses cannot be relied on for the safety of human lives. Their interest is making money hence they hide important information such as the ingredients and effects of consuming genetic foods. Their studies are biased and substandard. Their findings are also marred with hiding consumers relevant information on how the genetic foods affect the normal functioning of vital organs such as the kidney and the immune systems. Several studies have shown that genetic foods the body’s ability to respond to allergies, alter the bacterial content of the gut and affects the normal development of an unborn child (Dona, & Arvanitoyannis, 2009). Besides the authorities monitoring the genetically modified foods, they should also monitor businesses that sell unfit food. Food becomes unfit when it expires, and it starts to decompose producing poisonous organisms. As such, it becomes unfit to the consumers. When the food industry is unregulated from the use of genetically modified foods, crucial information is hidden from the public domain. Consequently, the public becomes vulnerable to illnesses and ultimately leads to massive deaths. It is, therefore, important for food safety to be monitored to safeguard the health of the public in Australia. Such an important task cannot be relied on companies whose primary motive is making profits.

Microbiological monitoring

The Australian health authorities should carry surveillance on the microbial content of foodstuffs to get a clear picture of the microbiological safety regarding high-risk foods (Arnoldini, Heck, Blanco-Fernández & Hammes, 2013). This surveillance would also ensure that relevant data regarding specific food hygiene practices are met. Moreover, it would ensure that new surveys regarding microbiological data are built on the already existing data. Finally, microbiological surveillance would enable the authorities to determine the microbiological quality of foods sold in Australia. After all data is collected during microbiology surveys, then the authorities would be in a better position to know the measure to put in place to increase food safety (Svagzdiene, Lau, & Page, 2010).For instance, if certain foods are deemed unsafe, appropriate actions such as banning the food may be applied. Consequent to performing biological surveillance, the public health is guaranteed because food manufacturers and vendors are required to maintain healthy microbiological quantities in all foodstuffs.

Chemical content surveillance

Chemicals find their way on foodstuffs in various ways especially during...

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